raw puer tea 357g tea pu er Source spike tree of golden yellow piece goods Ye Yunnan Pu’er sheng puer tea puer cake puerh tea

price: US $10.99
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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAA
is_customized: Yes
Age: 2 - 3 Years
Shelf Life: 36,500 days
Brand Name: eLife
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag

Product Description

shu puer tea 357g tea pu er Source spike trees of golden yellow piece goods Ye Yunnan Pu'er raw puer tea puer cake puerh tea

Whether organic food:Be
Brand:Tea scent
Series:Trees porn
Pu'er Year:1 year ( inclusive) to 3 years ( not included)
Special products category:Tea
Place of origin:Chinese mainland
Price segment:1-59 yuan
Shape:Tea cakes
Tea Area:Tea area

" Bread and water " and " coarse tea" refers to the coarse old tea, and tea is relatively new , although coarse tea bitter and astringent, but contain polyphenols, tannins and other substances of tea but then the body is very good. Because, is a natural antioxidant polyphenols , can inhibit free radicals in the human body caused by injury, has anti-aging effects . It can also block the carcinogenic nitrosamines and other damage to the body . Tea tannin is able to reduce cholesterol, prevent hardening of the arteries , the blood vessels to keep clear, maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular normal function . In addition, tea polyphenols can mitigate and reduce the symptoms of diabetes , with lowering blood pressure , lowering blood pressure and other effects .

Therefore, from a health perspective, coarse tea drinking is more suitable for the elderly

Product Name Trees porn Commodity price
Production process Pu'er ( raw tea ) Specification 357 g / piece
Shape Pu'er tea cakes Origin Yunnan
Shelf life Chen Yue Series Pure material / trees Pu'er
Raw materials Drying green tea of Yunnan large leaf tea
Storage method Ventilated, dry, odor-free environment saved.

" Trees porn " in many tea lovers , enthusiasts have in mind a certain status , of course, some people scoffed.

We pick the raw screening process, the cords loose, thick,Tea barFruit teaIn the rolling process, not a part of , according to the production standard sieve sorting out this part of the tea flush , because it is the tea trees , so pick out .

Jingui tea trees today, porn becomes cheap and palatable , and the economy as it will be a lot of tea rations , as a collection , it can also feel free to have a taste of precious trees pornographic films or very uplifting .

Stomach can not drink raw tea you do not have to worry , because the leaf tissue is thick , sweet tea , so you like to drink raw tea no longer afraid to drink the stomach , drink affect sleep.

This bubble tea drink great cook and drink will let you Gengshuang , pleasant stay cool , cool spirit Bel bar ( ha ha ha ha ha )

When closing Jingmai tea , we will have after picking tea farmers , while fixing and will pick up part of the screen look like a bad pick up leaves , rolled into the process at the time , tender shoots will be rolled into the cable some little old roll it up , is still a large stretch , we will keep this tea together stored.

The yellow piece of quality and quality of our raw material selected Wu Yi tea flush is consistent , trees pornographic films are basically the third leaf .

Just been picked because of poor shape , but that does not mean bad quality. On the contrary, because the leaf tissue slices thick Huang , anti- bodied taste with sweet and lasting resistant foam Kyo.

Trees porn is not bitter or astringent taste , unique flavor , unlike raw tea leaves so Shang Wei. So, pornographic films without landscapes , in the year you can go on happily drink it, I drink several different years of pornographic films is concerned, it also has a mellow quality gets better features . Of course, there is a premise must be old enough for porn . The tea used in about 300 years old , not really millennium. But this year such pornographic films is also rare.

The porn sweetness much higher than ordinary tea , tea , whether it is gas , aroma, mellow and smooth feeling good. In addition, most able to drink the yellow piece , in fact, trees are good, that is to say a lot of old tea for tea , wild tea on the yellow sheet . Because the base of tea in the tea regularly manage picking, most will not have the old yellow leaves .

Old tea on tea leaves and tall, less is not easy to adopt , so it becomes precious, and after aging porn absolutely outstanding taste .

Porn transforming fast , heavy and mellow cotton slip , sweet quickly , smell the aroma seems to be a lengthy Fu Yulan Xiang !

This tea is no bitterness , astringency is very low , and the third from sweet bubble , bubble tip of the tongue from the fifth start of each sweeten the taste buds , and secrete large amounts of saliva and continued all day. After drinking the whole body is feeling moist, saliva little more slowly swallowing all day .

Porn brewing : can slightly increase the amount of tea that investment , the most critical is the water must be open , soak time must be enough, otherwise the flavor will not be able to fully demonstrated. As for how much investment bubble tea and how long you need according to your taste try to find it. Tea lovers can also try to cook the yellow piece tea to drink, cook about 10 minutes , more able to reflect the soft creamy yellow piece of sweet tea characteristics .