Pu’er 2006 puer tea ripe tea black tea Menghai direct wholesale origin

price: US $9.53
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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAA
Age: 5 - 10 Years
Shelf Life: The long the better
Brand Name: eLife
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Brick
Weight (kg): 0.357

Product Description

2006 year old puer tea ripe tea pu er Menghai chinese yunnan puerh tea health care food for weight loss slimming puer tea

Packing Type:Conventional cotton packing
Pu'er production process:Cooked tea
Whether organic food:Be
Pu'er Year:5 years ( inclusive) -10 years ( not included)
Package weight:5 people
Subscription period:12 months
Delivery frequency:1 week 2
Special products category:Tea
Place of origin:Chinese mainland
Price segment:1-59 yuan
Shape:Tea cakes
Tea Area:Menghai tea area

This product chooses 2006 Brown Hill Mingqian big leaves drying green Maocha for raw materials, careful formulation , and after high-temperature autoclave , refined. With bright red soup , the aroma of pure high , mellow taste , with the characteristic sweet , refreshing drink hangover , lipid-lowering diet , get rid of fatigue, help digestion , sweet fluid !

Pu'er tea contains flavonoid glycosides with vitamin P effect, regular consumption can playLiposuction , shaping, down three high efficacy , more suitable for years to lose weight and need to clean up the beauty of the MM intestinal friends. Meanwhile , cooked tea hasStomach and efficacy Huwei.

Orange is endless flowing crystal clear is not stained the world of pure dust .

---------------------------- Pu'er Honyaradoh ------------------- ---------

---------------------------- Pu'er Honyaradoh ------------------- ---------

Soup was red wine, and also very bright , because it is ancient Dasan 2006 Menghai area of raw materials, it is more resistant foam , cast about 7 grams of tea , more than 10 bulbs no problem , the more bubbles the better !

Brew can be repeated several times , the more the better bubble drink , drinking tea is a good mellow taste , charm long

Tea importers relatively smooth , mellow taste , bright red thick soup

Tea bottom clean and bright