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Purple tea, Yunnan large leaf tea, a rare species. Born in tea because of its purple, dark green product made

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from dried tea, put the cup was washed green gun after the magical change, it is called 'tri-color tea'. Lu Yu - Tea - record: tea person, who is on the purple. Refers to purple tea.

Pu'er tea, violet, purple selection drying green tea as raw material, made using traditional craft views. Because purple tea contains amino acids, flavonoids, anthocyanins, polyphenols, catechins, caffeine and other chemical constituents beneficial to humans than the average of Yunnan large leaf tea is much higher. Its fat, weight loss, anti-atherosclerosis, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, oral health dental health and other effects of tea much more significant than the general

Folk-called "Zijuan" also refers purple bud, generally called Taobao and written Zijuan Zijuan as described below.

Zijuan tea, was in 1985, Yunnan Tea Research Institute of science and technology personnel in that the 200 acres planted 60 million trees in Yunnan big leaf species found in a tea garden tea buds, leaves, stems are purple tea by Hongqing its processing from fresh leaves of green tea, dried tea color is purple, the soup is also purple, pure aroma, strong flavor concentration. Because of the tea buds with purple, purple leaves, purple stems and dry the prepared Hongqing green tea and tea are purple, special named "Zi Juan."

Purple buds for the big leaf species tea bud tree type, tree vigor tall, more developed root system, while Zijuan late for the artificial cultivation of tea varieties, is a large-leafed shrub varieties of tea.