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Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
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Item Type: Instant Coffee
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Green coffee is very effective slimming coffee , by eliminationFees are welcome, but also a very popular product , there is noSide effects and dependence. 6 days effective , scientific method,Unconsciously thin . Easy, eat simple , shortBetween achievements of the perfect curve , realize their dreams ! Green coffee portTaste is not only a good drink to lose weight , but also refreshing good helpDieters hand , is ideal for staying up late to work

Efficacy: lose weight 7-25 pounds every month the latest package

Speed to burn fat from the United States Energizer Cellulite slimming coffee recipes, full effect decomposition of fat , taking less, without any impact on the human body, burning excess body fat , rushed to trim . Just a day before taking a packet of breakfast , you can easily reply slim !
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· Strengthen the promotion of fat burning lipolysis ·
· · Prevent fat synthesis in vivo to promote environmental protection

Scope: obesity, adolescent obesity, postpartum obesity

The main weight-loss principle: by inhibiting the synthesis of fat, promote the burning of fatty acids to reduce food intake , Trinity , achieve weight-loss effect. Is a rare , currently slimming effect best, most healthy slimming drinks.

Specifications :Each box has 18 packets, each packet adjustable dubbed in 100ml of coffee.

Usage: hot water every morning 80-100ml just drink a coffee package , to help you easily burn calories and eliminate the accumulation of body fat , there is continuous full stomach flu , reducing snacking habits.

Manufacturer: USA WIN-HEALTH Health Food Co., Ltd.

Chinese agents : Acorn Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou

100% natural wild green coffee bean extract ! Do not add any other substance , drinking safer, more effective, more quickly ~ ! Acorn Group 's new green and healthy conceptDeep detoxification, stay in shape , so that everyone live a healthy and beautiful !

First, the principle of weight loss induced by the heat of coffee ---

Referring to themselves in the body to burn fat --- increase the activity of brown fat cells .

Brown adipose tissue is nearly two years was only discovered by American scientists , so as to provide the latest medical basis for weight-loss products . Brown adipose tissue in the human body simultaneously influence and regulate the body directly involved in total calories , excess fat can be converted into energy needed for the body , the body of excess body heat to distribute , so that tends to balance the body's energy metabolism , so as to achieve body slimming effect.

When the body ingestion or by the external temperature stimuli, brown fat cells disassemble and burn fat in the human body , which determines the level of the body's energy metabolism , this incurs known that the induction of heat.

Second, the main component analysis of coffee

Colombian coffee chlorogenic

Products made from 100 % natural wild green coffee bean extract , contains a large number of active substances , rich in up to 45% chlorogenic acid , refreshing, self- induced body burn fat.

HCA (hydroxycitric acid) hydroxycitric acid

Is a pure natural plant extracts of fruits and vegetables , which directly enters the cell , enzymes break down the barrier of citric acid synthesis , to prevent fat formation.

Wild Rose Essence

Help metabolism and circulation , endocrine regulation .

deep-sea chitin

Combined with excess body fat and excreted , while retaining important nutrients and protein needed by the body .

Third, suitable for people

1 , simple obesity : refers to the human intake of calories exceeds the calories it consumes , resulting in the accumulation of excess fat content in the body and the formation of obesity.

2 , adolescent obesity : adolescence , often exuberant appetite , may result into greater than the excess energy will be converted to fat , due to such factors lead to adult obesity .

3 , stage obesity : obesity , such as women during pregnancy and postpartum obesity weight without recovery.

Note : The clinical examples show that " green slimming coffee drink " for female waist fat accumulation and other local obesity have a great effect.

Fourth, professional inquiry

1 , habits : whether constipation ; whether severe menstrual disorders ; whether recently been taking steroids ( such as the treatment of allergies , rheumatism and other drugs ) , because the body contains a large number of hormones affect human metabolism, weight loss is not prone to the phenomenon ; size of the exercise ; eating habits.

2 , physical condition : Have a heart ; serious diseases banned weight loss , not weight loss abdominal surgery within three months ; lactation women should lose weight.

3 , slimming history : product, time effects.

Five , measure and record

A measurement of body weight

2 , calculate body mass index ( standard value Asians is 18 --- 23)

BMI = weight ( kg ) / height ( m ) squared kg / m2

Normal weight : BMI = 18-25 ( international standard )

Overweight : BMI = 25-30

Mild obesity : BMI > 30

Moderately obese : BMI > 35

Severe obesity : BMI > 40

3 , the measurement of specific parts of the size

Stomach circumference: umbilical 4 inches; upper abdominal circumference : umbilical 2 inch ; Waist: parallel to the navel ; lower abdominal circumference : 2 inches below the belly button ;

Thigh: customer standing , hands vertical , thumb and middle finger of the right location ; arm : armpit 2 inches.

Six Common Problems during weight loss

One , why should lose weight

From the perspective of weight loss and health , World Health Organization has obesity as disease, is currently following after cardiovascular diseases and cancer, the third largest enemy to human health threats. Obesity prone to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, fatty liver , diabetes , high cholesterol, gout and cholelithiasis .

2 , why do some people eat very little fat will

This is due to less basal metabolism and fat accumulation caused by formation of strong . Digestion and absorption of course, including the ability to reason and excretion of weak and strong . Obesity caused by eating too much , according to relevant survey, obesity is often the case in the event of obesity began to control diet , but once the body fat , even if the deprivation can not eliminate obesity , because the body's metabolism disorders, unable to properly regulate the decomposition of fat , so weight loss should start regulating body metabolism , adjusting the body's normal basal metabolic rate .

3 , how to correctly understand caffeine

First, with the promotion of lipolysis , fat release can be converted into heat in the blood of manipulation , usually 30 - 40 minutes after drinking coffee , blood fatty acid concentrations become high , then regular exercise , may be fatty converted into heat energy , burn fat effectively .

Second, the United States points out the role of the medical profession diuretic prevent gallstones , gallstones mainly formed from cholesterol , lack of exercise, eating greasy or overweight is a major cause.

Third, to edema , the extract caffeine added skincare formulations penetrate the skin deep active ingredients to stimulate the digestion of fat cells distraction , so bloated body is reduced. Many cosmetics are using caffeine , such as eye Korea VICHY Eye Contour Gel .

Fourth, scientific drink does not exceed 200 mg per day .

4 , the characteristics of xylitol

Internally can accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis , prevent and improve constipation, blocked generation and accumulation of fat ; foreign women can change the snacking , eating disorders bad habits .

5 , how do not rebound

1 ) only lose fat diminished moisture , fat does not generate again in the short term .

2 ) weight loss must be reduced to the standard weight after entering a period of consolidation , consolidation is generally 2 times the weight loss period .

3 ) consolidation requires taking Conditioning xylitol.

4 ) a balanced diet , not after a sudden increase in weight loss diet that also may be appropriate with aerobic exercise , and weighed once every seven days , in order to give yourself a reminder.

5 ) menstrual fluctuate around 2-3 pounds of weight , because people have edema menstrual period , so pay attention to conditioning.

6 , weight loss of customers will not have diarrhea ?

Mobilization of body fat , regulate body basal metabolic rate, will not reduce the moisture it will not have diarrhea , but in the weight loss process , the second is a normal bowel movement every day .

7 , why lose weight minus fat ?

Because during weight loss does not limit the intake of water and nutrients , and also rely on daily lipolysis to release energy , in order to maintain adequate daily energy, so that body fat is reduced .

8 , during the weight loss Why would anyone thirsty ?

Fat metabolism process requires large amounts of water , but also take away a lot of water , and the heat generated during the decomposition of fat excreted by the human respiratory system will consume a lot of water , so the weight loss process will be thirsty phenomenon more obvious early , in the late slowly disappear.

9 , why individual guests will appear constipation during weight loss ?

Heavily involved in lipolysis due to moisture , coupled with the weight loss process is adjusted diet , eating less , too little fiber content of food, stomach accumulated heat caused .

Constipation eat 1-2 tablets daily production of detox plum, every night before going to bed with 40 of warm boiled water a tablespoon of honey.

10 , individual customers during weight loss insomnia and dizziness causes and solutions

The formation of fat are: food heat glucose glycogen fat

Fat decomposition process is : fat glycogen glucose heat water, carbon dioxide , oil intoxicated three lipid metabolism in vitro . Since we are passive to lose weight fast , fat decomposition process will lead to the loss of blood sugar , due to different individual differences , a slight dizziness is normal.

A ) general is falling from an accumulation of simple obesity , weight loss treatment process, short-term weight loss, various organs function, nerve daily running, high energy consumption of fat , it will lead to short-term nature of insomnia , which only temporary, will disappear after weight loss .

The solution: to add a cup of milk , and do some head massage .

2 ) Customers drink coffee mistimed also have insomnia.

Solution: good conditioning lifestyle .

3 ) Customers hypoglycemia , hypotension, dizziness also occur .

The solution: add the right amount of glucose in water.

4 ) because the customer does not take salt intake of food , the body lacks salt will have dizziness phenomenon .

Solution: Supplementary cup of salt water or eating a dish of cucumber salad .

11 , during the weight loss why individual guests will be a slight feeling of satiety ?

For daily calorie intake by this phenomenon is prone to excess . On the one hand the energy when the energy generated by the decomposition of fat can provide the daily needs of the body , does not need too many supplementary ; on the other hand , the product contains citrus aurantium, Vitamin B3, B6, C and other ingredients that can help people adjust eating rule. More obvious early , middle and late slowly disappear , daily supplement 250ml whole milk .

12 ways to lose weight weight weight loss during the fall period ?

Weight loss , there are three situations : one is plummeting , which is the fastest weight loss , that are falling weight every day, but that the proportion of the least ; Second, stepped down this is a continuous decline in body weight 35 days , will balance the two or three days and then continue to decline a few days and then the weight and balance again , so until it reaches the standard weight , which is the largest proportion of a weight loss method ; third is climbing downward , several kilograms of weight loss , it will bounce a couple of pounds after the fall again , it also has a certain percentage of weight loss .

Not suitable for people : stomach ulcers , heart disease , hypertension, diabetes , hypoglycemia, pregnant women, children and the infirm .


1 , customers often lose weight before taking this product , every day a soup vinegar, continued for three days, the body's antibodies can be eliminated ;

2 , low blood sugar or high blood pressure during weight loss if customers dizziness phenomenon , taking a pure milk can ;

3 , a slight gastrointestinal diseases customers taking products such as nausea , it is recommended after meals products, serious stomach problems and ulcers , pregnant women, lactating disabled ;

4 , while taking the product , you should drink plenty of water , eat more fruits and vegetables ;

5 , avoid taking this product during spicy and drinking.