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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA+
Shelf Life: 9999
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Brand Name: China Puer tea
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

100% Natural Green Food No Any Artificial Addictives or Chemical Additives Sacrifice sale! such low price,regardless of cost,only for earn popularity!Don't hesitate Selected one hundred ancient tea picking, has the ancient tea tree camellia flowers, honey is sweet, the sweet long;Fluid, exquisite tea sweet, fragrance lasting entrance.Tang honey yellow, after brewing were shining brilliantly, prolonged bears soaks, drink, off-dry relaxed and comfortable.
Camellia set the aroma of tea and flowers, soup slightly thickened, no bitterness, exquisite and smooth, good back to gan, resistant to brew.This is a lot of tea can't match, is ladies love their beloved a tea, have a beauty to raise colour, weight loss, anti-aging, and so on.
Tree: camellia has clear heat, pharynx, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, improving eyesight, detoxification, anti-aging, tumor-suppressor tonic, raise colour, beauty, and so on.The effect of anti-inflammatory, diuresis obviously stronger than the ordinary pu 'er tea, its unique aroma and ordinary pu 'er cake rare.For friends and love puer tea is the variety of cannot be ignored.It can make people better sleep, god of night sweats, dream wake up more significant effect.