Premium Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Wuyi Oolong Tea 200g

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Type: Dahongpao Tea
Variety: Wuyi Cliff Tea

Product Description

Among all Bohea teas, Da Hong Pao has the best reputation. Da Hong Pao is a myth of Chinese tea, since so many mythic stories about it but so rare it is--it's said only several liangs available each year. The "TRUE" Da Hong Pao is nearly impossible to gain.
The tightly twisted leaves of Da hong pao are greenish brown in color. The orange tea liquid come with strong floral fragrance. Even after nine infusions, the floral fragrance like sweet-scented osmanthus still remain. After tasting, the fragrance will last in your mouth for long time.
The Da hong pao tea available in tea market is made from tea plants which cloned from the original "Da hong pao" plants in cliff.
The original Da hong pao is made from the tea plants which grown in a cliff in Wuyi mountain. The location of that cliff is named "Nine Drgaon Cave" . Throughout the year, the transudatory fountain from crevices between rocks nourish the four "Da hong pao" tea plants which survive after one thousand years. Da hong pao plants is the natural peerless production. Each liang of "TURE" Da hong pao is sold at thousands US dollars.
To Enjoy: Place one teaspoon per cup into an infuser, filter or teapot. Switch the kettle off, before it boils, when you hear the water rumbling. Add the hot, but not boiling, water and infuse for 3 minutes. Serve immediately or remove leaves to prevent spoiling.
* Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is the most famous oolong tea in China. The tea color is bright red with a sweet aroma. The taste of tea is robust, and the fragrance will last in your mouth for a long time. The complex blend of sweet and rich aftertaste gives Da Hong Pao's unique character.
* It is grown organically in the rich mineral soil of the central portions of the Wuyi Mountains. The location of that cliff is named "Nine Drgaon Cave".Many many legends spread among China give Da Hong Pao lots of mythic, and get more famous.
* If you have a habit of Drinking Da Hong Pao Tea, it is very good to your health. It helps keeping fit, adjusts soul, releases nervous, and so on, anyway, drinking Da Hong Pao Tea is a good living type during your work and rest.
* Brew Tips:
1. Generally use 3-4g tea per 150ml water (which depends on your flavor).
2. The water temperature for brewing Da Hong Pao ( Big Red Robe) tea should be 100% boiled water.
3. Pour the hot water over the tea leaves, and wait for about 1 minute's infusion.
4. Then enjoy the tea.
5. Normally it Could brew 5-6 times.

* Name: Premium Da Hong Pao Big Red Robe Chinese Oolong Tea
* Origin: Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China
* Net Weight: 200g
* Type: Oolong
* Rating: Premium
* Stock:Please keep it with the sealed bag, dry and no direct sunshine