Passiona woman coffee -G7 instant coffee -4 in 1 White Coffee – Decaffeinated – natural chrysanthemum-Beauty slimming tea-Atiso

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Weight: 225g
Shelf Life: 540days
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Passiona woman coffee - instant coffee g7 Vietnam Central -4 in 1 White Coffee - Decaffeinated - natural chrysanthemum - Beauty slimming tea -Atiso Name: Central Plains woman White Coffee Place of Origin: Vietnam Size: 14 * 16 g / article White Coffee designed exclusively for women is the highest price the market currently white coffee Moderate caffeine content rich flavor Pollen extract contains natural beauty Central Coffee Company produced specifically for women to drink white coffee, female beauty has a good effect, individually wrapped for easy instant coffee, easy to use, full-bodied taste, suitable for all stages of Ms. drinking Central Plains Central Plains Passiona Ms. instant coffee instant coffee instant coffee stock company inherited a series of quick and easy to enjoy the advantages of an authentic gourmet coffee is made specifically for Ms. Amy's new coffee. Ms. Amy is called coffee, because she's raw materials, processing, tastes are specifically tailored for the beauty of MM, which recommended several major features are as follows: 1) caffeine content is low (less than or equal 0.1%), MM who do not need to worry about drinking coffee insomnia friends (best not to drink coffee or drink at bedtime, avoid drinking coffee caused insomnia); 2) first joined the original instant coffee tea vegetation materials (chrysanthemum, Vietnamese health Adi Su -Atiso tea), unique flavor and medication efficacy tea element is the beauty of the MM's favorite, the beauty of flowers, fragrant flower, romantic flowers efficacy and health are other instant coffee are not available; 3) first introduced on behalf of the sugar instant coffee, sweet but not sugary, weight-loss diet plan is being implemented MM ideal slimming food. Delicious coffee while letting MM who have an ideal body. No wonder the Vietnam MM body are so "S", which may be their cup of coffee to drink out of a good figure. Ms. Amy, do not join the launch of Vietnam Central Passiona coffee slimming beauty help it? 4) This section Passiona Ms. instant coffee type, boiling a punch that can Zhongyuan delicious authentic Vietnamese coffee, ideal for white-collar MM. Product out delicious drink out of the body, stimulate the unlimited creativity.