Organic coffee powder coffee powder enteroclysm set coffee enema bag spa

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Flavor: Chocolate
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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Ground Coffee
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whether sacchariferous: sugar free

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The method of making coffee enema Ingredients: Organic coffee powder 10 g + slightly alkaline well water 1000 ml Method: After 300cc water to boil, boil the organic coffee powder into about 3 minutes, cook over low heat 10 minutes later, with a coffee filter paper, then add warm water to the 500cc ~ 1000cc, until the coffee temperature to body temperature can be as to use. Note: When the coffee enema, coffee liquid will be absorbed by the intestinal mucosa directly to the liver, the effect is very fast, so be sure to homemade liquid organic coffee beans, coffee beans can not be used in general, we will not have pesticide residues. Precautions coffee enema 1 enema time should not be too hasty, time can be controlled in 15-30 minutes, during, listen to music and relax. Number 2 coffee enemas were ideal for morning and evening, the 1st, the most suitable time for a meal one hour. If the person has just started, the day can be a times. 3 For caffeine and other chemicals can produce an allergic person, then use the coffee should be diluted to four times afterwards. After the enema, colon motility occur if the situation of excessive and should be suspended and consult professionals. 4 coffee acid can irritate the anal skin, may make hemorrhoids worse, or cause cracking hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, anal go far. Therefore, after the end of an enema, it is recommended to dip a finger into the anus of soap for about 2 to 3, and then wash with warm water, wipe clean the anal area after smear Vaseline in order to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. 5 will be coffee enema colon moisture loss, should drink plenty of water before and after the enema or vegetable juice, can be used with fiber, probiotics and bamboo carbon particles enhance the effect. Must be done in order to implement the effect of abdominal massage 6. the toilet. 7 enema to about 1000cc ideal. But according to personal circumstances, and gradually increase the capacity to around 1000cc enema. 8 coffee enema is to assist the large intestine of waste excluded clean and shorten the residence time of the waste in the intestines and can not replace the normal daily bowel movements. Who is not suitable for coffee enema? No physical or body of poor people: if physical strength is not good, frail people, will rapidly defecation, after the enema may cause sodium or potassium and other minerals in the body imbalance, thereby causing anemia. Bleeding hemorrhoids: coffee enema liquid acid can irritate the anal skin, may make hemorrhoids worse. Therefore, rectal bleeding wounds of people do not fit. Pregnant women: Pregnant women should not be a coffee enema, especially in the early stages of pregnancy is contraindicated, overly stimulate the gut may cause abnormal uterine contractions. Children and people lose consciousness: Children aged below unless there is severe constipation, and bedridden, unconscious patients or elderly neither fit. Then after patients with large intestinal diseases, it is best to consult a gastrointestinal specialist: suffering from severe gastrointestinal illness. The effect of the coffee enema 1 can improve constipation, increased bacteria and maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria. 2. help prevent aging. 3 can help improve atopic dermatitis, urticaria and other allergic symptoms. 4. promote blood circulation, lymph circulation, thus improving a variety of skin problems. 5 can promote metabolism, weight control for obese people to help. 6. rid the body of toxins, can improve chronic fatigue, headaches or shoulder pain and other symptoms. 7 can help improve liver function, so in good physical condition.

8 can prevent constipation and improve living habits.