old tree puer tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: first class
Age: 5 - 10 Years
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Style: Compressed Tea
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"The Hong of Chen Jiuwan Fanglan gas, goods do Millennium Pu'er love." Pu'er tea is the entrance antique Unlike other tea your new Pu'er tea in your "Chen" often over time the gradual appreciation. Spend is a promise, died of reincarnation, never forget this beautiful love story! Tea language represents "pure love and honest kindness."

Polyphenols in tea, tea pigment, tea polysaccharide, tea saponin, amino acid theanine, caffeine, vitamin C and other ingredients to inhibit lipid peroxidation, anticoagulation, fibrinolysis, platelet aggregation, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, myocardial protection role. The blood of a variety of indicators, which can be adjusted to improve the cardiovascular system, which will contribute to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Tea tree many years considered old tea?

People often say "old tea should be old tea trees in more than 30 years. This is because:

The life of a tea from a fertilized egg cell, and from then on, it became an independent living organism. The fertilized egg , after about a year's time, the mother trees on growth, development and become a mature seed. Seed sowing, germination, unearthed become a tea tree. Tea tree continue to absorb nutrients and energy from the external environment, gradually grown into a deeply rooted tea tree, as well as flowering, results, breeding new offspring, aging, becoming more and more man-made and natural conditions, the final died. The whole process of the birth, is the life of the tea tree scientifically known as "tea tree reproductive developmental cycle. In morphology, physiology, and other aspects in the life of tea, as time goes on, the constant quantity and quality of plays, until the decline of tea biological age characteristics of the different periods. Science, reproductive characteristics in different periods of the tea plant Camellia sinensis is divided into four biological age period, the seedling stage, childhood, adulthood, aging period.Seedling stage refers to the tea tree unearthed from tea seeds germinate, the first growth arrest until. In Yunnan, this period experienced about four months.The tea tree infancy, tea tree growth repose to the first flowering and fruiting time from the first. This time, the tea plant vegetative growth, sexual organ differentiation and maturation have not, and will not bear fruit, it is called an early age. In Yunnan, tea tree childhood birth to about 4-5 years. It should be noted that the infancy tea plant plasticity is particularly large, the length of time, the function of the degree of maturity of tree cultivation and management level, fertility conditions (natural growth or artificial cultivation) has a very close relationship between the variation.The tea tree adulthood, flowering and seed from the first year to the first natural regeneration. Longer, about 25-30 years, stimulated by the artificial cultivation of tea plants, fertility conditions are good, longer. In the tea tree adulthood, according to the reproductive growth, flowering number of how many, "adolescence", "prime of life" can be divided into two opposing period. Adulthood tea most exuberant fertility, yield and quality are at the peak stage is the best economic cultivation period.Natural growth of the unattended "barren", "sterilize" tea tree adulthood duration varies greatly due to the impact of different growth conditions, as many as a hundred years, ranging from a few decades. Determine the kind of tea tree is not "old", mainly based on the strength of its growth potential, observe how much the number of flowers and fruits and whether "natural regeneration phenomenon appeared in the roots.So-called "natural Update recession tea physiological function, reduced apical dominance, can not even germinate, flowers and produce a large number of parts of the roots, pull out a large number of new branches (" mow sticks "and" tiller sticks ") , tea tree formation, under the two-tier canopy (commonly known as "two-storey tea tree). This is the result of self-regulation of the physiological function of tea, so called "natural regeneration.Tea tree natural regeneration, into the aging period, the tree will gradually become death, after several repeated updates. Duration, planted in economically productive life generally only 40-60 years; natural growth, unattended, stimulate small "barren", "sterilize" tea tree, up to hundreds of years.In summary, according to the theory of high yield and quality cultivation, tea economy cultivated age, can be defined is often said that "the old tea should be old tea trees in more than 30 years.