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Product Description

Watermelon seeds of sweet, flat, non-toxic, it has the benefit lung, Runchang, hemostatic effect of Jianwei, etc.. Watermelon seeds with Qingfei phlegm role, has auxiliary curative effect on the cough and phlegm and other symptoms of hemoptysis. Watermelon seed is rich in protein, fatty acid, vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium, iron, selenium and other nutrient elements. Watermelonseed contains fat, protein, vitamin B2, pentosan, starch, crude fiber, alpha amino beta -(pyrazolyl -N) propionic acid. And urease, alpha galactosidase, beta galactoside enzyme and sucrose enzyme. Containing unsaturated fatty acid, has the efficacy of reducing blood pressure, and help to prevent hardening of the arteries, is suitable for patients with hypertension snacks. Also contains a saponin components, has antihypertensive effect, and can alleviate the symptoms of acute cystitis