New Coming Jipu tea most Pu’er raw tea cake 100g health raw cake tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: 1
Shelf Life: 6000 days
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: jipu
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description


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Package weight:5 servings
Subscription period:2 weeks
Tea suppress shape:Tea cakes
Tea:Menghai tea area

Whole network lowest Pu'er tea

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No. Tenda most Yunnan

Treasurer Recommended reason:

No. Tenda most Yunnan Pu'er raw tea is not just the lowest of the whole network , the whole network is more important is the most cost-effective products , not only that the materials used are Menghai tea material , taste sweet and refreshing fragrant .

" Not selling profits, mind share is OK ! "

This tea can be said that there is no profit at all , and these fine tea feeding a lot of people really unthinkable, so a lot of people have always thought that tea is definitely not cheap , it does not matter , your challenge is also well understood , Tenda No. the reason why we dare to do is to establish a brand image in mind , I hope like friends do not miss Pu'er . Since the new system was in2013Pu'er , Menghai material secret from the system, so there is a little tea stems , but the cable is still clearly visible texture , tea withstand the test , we are not at a low price to deceive anyone , we have conscience , pictures are real shot, they want to see the most authentic tea Tenda number, you are buying the know . There the same price cooked tea according to different tastes and hobbies raw and cooked tea Click to viewMenghai Pu'er ripe tea

Basic Information

No. Tenda most raw tea in Yunnan
Place of origin
Yunnan Pu'er tea Ning'er Xinglong County
Health Tea
Production date
Shelf Life
Gets better
Sweet sweet
Elegant fragrance


Guanchashise scan quality

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No. Tenda most Yunnan Pu'er tea

Pu'er Nutrition


Polyphenols, also known as tannin , tea has a high content of various types of polyphenols extracted from tea polyphenols crude product is called polyphenols, can be used in the clinical treatment of kidney disease including glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, according to research , polyphenols have antioxidant , free radical scavenging and anti- coagulation , fibrinolysis , platelet adhesion and aggregation to prevent the role , but also able to act on the humoral immune , cellular immunity and erythrocyte immune mechanisms , inhibiting autoimmune response . According to another study of tea polyphenols may be associated with the genetic material of cells having affinity for DNA , thereby interfering with DNA biosynthesis and nucleic acid metabolism, and therefore has a certain inhibitory effect, and can prevent tooth decay. The bitter taste of tea that comes from this kind of material . Convergence with such substances , detoxification , it is also the main substances causing constipation . Also has a strong reduction , clear vivo superoxide radicals . In addition, anti-allergic , anti-inflammatory , anthelmintic , lowering blood pressure and so on. The last important component of tea polyphenols are catechins ( one kind of flavanols substances ) .


Tea contains vitamin include water-soluble B vitamins and vitamin C and fat-soluble vitamins A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K. Including vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E content in tea is relatively high .


All kinds of mineral rich tea , in particular, phosphorus and potassium, phosphorus and potassium, to be a constant element of the body of potassium can regulate intracellular osmotic pressure and a suitable acid-base balance of body fluids , sugars and proteins involved in intracellular metabolism. Helps maintain healthy nerves , heartbeat regularity normal, you can prevent stroke , and to assist normal muscle contraction. In the high intake of sodium can lead to hypertension , the blood pressure lowering effect of potassium has . Phosphorus is constitute an important element in bones and teeth , so often drink tea can prevent osteoporosis , oh !


Flavonoids effect is multifaceted, he is a strong antioxidant, preventing prevent cell degeneration , aging, can prevent cancer. Improve blood circulation , can lower cholesterol, reduce blood sugar enzyme inhibiting inflammatory exudation , can improve wound healing and pain , oak elements antihistamine properties because of their strong , can be used for various types of hypersensitivity .

For color

Our pictures are taken in kind, plus photographer careful handling try to restore the product color, but sometimes there is color display , led display results slightly inconsistent with the physical , and the tea is more subtle color in different light color will be different, I hope parents understand


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