Made in1969 ripe pu er tea,357g oldest puer tea,ansestor antique,honey sweet,,dull-red Puerh tea,ancient tree freeshipping

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Style: Blooming Tea
Age: 31 - 40 Years
Certification: QS
Grade: S+
Weight (kg): 0.357
Packaging: Bowl
Shelf Life: 9999
Brand Name: LIFETEA

Product Description

Made in1969 ripe pu er tea,357g oldest puer tea,ansestor antique,honey sweet,,dull-red Puerh tea,ancient tree freeshipping

The named | menghai tea tree | name interpretation for "base tree material, menghai fermentation". Tea more Chen more incense, this paragraph for 2012 from himself tea picked of raw materials, 2013 fermentation, invited has menghai fermentation master to factory personally fermentation, authentic of raw materials, added excellent of technology, authentic of process, soup color translucent, aroma lasting, taste rich. is jishun, for publicity himself base, and excellent of cooked tea quality and launched of high price products, main is feedback new old customer and tailored customized of good tea! is a paragraph new old tea friends are should be, gift relatives himself drinking are can of quality tea, on you didn't see wrong , In this years Pu-Erh price rally fierce of situation Xia, only has relies on himself base is may both guarantee quality, and and keep affordable price, company input has 3 million Yuan, vigorously feedback, 10.5 Yuan/cake, and didn't number limited purchased, a is to proved jishun, strong of strength, II is 10.5 Yuan on can buy to authentic of Pu-Erh set jishun, reputation, we can do of not profit, just proved jishun, will let more wants to drink Pu-Erh and fear price high, buy not to good tea of friends tailored customized!

This tea can said is no profit can statements, and this, good morning of tea material does many people unthinkable of, many people has been think so low price absolute not good tea, doesn't matter, you of questioned also is good understanding, jishun, is dare so do is to set everyone mind in the of a brand image, hope like Pu-Erh of friends don't in missed, more important of is, we thousands acres tea base, annual output hundreds of tons tea, larger of capacity capacity guarantee has we of supply, can took out part do publicity. This tea a little tea, however, cord texture is clearly visible, tea strong enough to stand up, who are we not to cheat at a low price, we are conscience, pictures are really making, wanted tea saw the most authentic jishun, you know. Tens of thousands of copies of the sales and multiple purchases of the same customer records speak for themselves! Can stand the test of quality!

This tea color glossy, color red, permeability see end of. like wine General, let people salivating, held back didn't want to thin tasting, Western said wine for God of blood, I think Pu-Erh can said of Shang is fairy stuffed nectar, seriously of products Shang a pot Pu-Erh, that sweet of feel can long in mouth circled, don't hold with low price no good goods of mentality, jishun, is dare so bold of feedback tea friends are, just wants to honest do tea, focused boutique extreme pro-people Pu-Erh, Just for once that you support the jishun, moved, and new friends learn more about jishun.

We in good conscience do tea, to put goals, with real credibility for the purpose, not best of implacable, tea drinking will know more words than tea friends 2 word "Yes".