Lowest price 250g 50pcs bulk chinese mini compressed puer tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: long time with suitable storage methods
Age: 1 - 2 Years
Brand Name: Zirui
Style: Compressed Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

250g selected tea leaf pure fragrance yunnan puerh tea

US$ 24.34/bag

250g osmanthus taste flower tea yunnan puer tea

US$ 24.34/pack

250g lower blood pressure rose flower pu'er tea

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250g raw material tea chrysanthemum flavor 2 years old pu-erh tea

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250g selected yunnan puerh tea glutinous taste plus chinese green tea as gift

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250g original flavor unfermented tea puer keep fit pu'er tea

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250g professional processing jasmine flower pu er tea

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250g compressed yunnan ripe puer bowl tea romantic gift heart-shaped raw puer tea

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Lowest price 250g 50pcs bulk chinese mini compressed puer tea

Why should you choose puer tea?

1.Pu'er tea is a variety of fermented tea produced in Yunnan province where is the best and main place of origin.

2.This tea is different from other types of tea in that puer tea will get much better as it grows older.So puer has collectible value and rising price.

3.Drinking tea can keep in good health in spring,keep cool in summer,keep body strong in autumn,stay healthy in winter.

[Product name] compressed pu'er tuo tea/ mini round-shaped tuo tea

[Specification] 5g/piece 50pieces/bag 250g/bag

[Origin] Menghai county,Yunnan province,China

[Storage ways] Store in cool,well-ventilation,dry place

[Expiration] Long time under suitable storage condition

It is convenient to take somewhere just put it into your pocket that can be mixed with coffee and help you keep energy.

It is also good present to middle or old-aged man because puer tea can lose weight and stay healthy.

The color of tea soup is pure without redundant residues and taste of tea is sweet with lasting fragrance.

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1. Puer Tea is known to help lowering blood pressure.

2. May help boost the flow of blood and help enhance circulation.

3. Puer Tea is known to help break down and thus reduce fat in the system.

Pu-erh is typically made through the following steps:

1.Select any kind of pot or cup you like.

2.Rinse the brewing vessel with hot water then add the right amount of tea leaves.

3.Pour the right temperature of water over the tea leaves.

4.Wait for the leaves to infuse for the time.The length of steeping time directly affects the flavor of tea soup.Adjust time depending on your taste, longer brews for a richer taste, shorter for a lighter taste.

5.Puer Tea can be infused more than five times.

Try brewing your favorite teas in a tall glass. This simple way of brewing tea is popular in China because it allows the drinker to appreciate the shape and color of the infusing tea leaf.

Although most whole tea leaves will settle down to the bottom of your cup once they hydrate, some leaves and buds will still naturally float on the surface of the water.

Just blow them out of the way before sipping. By the second or third infusion all of the tea leaves should be at the bottom.

The reasons you choose us

1) Picking of Origin, top quality tea materials;

2) 100% original, no pesticides, no additives;

3) Traditional Graphite-compress and processing;

4) Exquisite packaging

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