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So please be careful: Only Strong tea can have good slimming effect Lotus leaf can cook, cook, soup, and so on, can be eaten on the way you like!

A course of treatment=(1000g)

"Lotus just buds, long Dragonfly stand on top", the poem can be seen everywhere in the ancient security. After doing a lotus leaf tea is amedicine, lotus leaf tea mainly with the decomposition of fat, eliminate constipation, diuretic, three kinds of function, method of makingfunction and effect of this paper and you talk about specific lotus leaf tea and the different effects of lotus leaf tea.

Function / role

Summer heat and dampness, Shengjinzhike, antipyretic powder deposition

Lotus leaf tea of nuciferine with Qingxin fire, flat liver, purging fire,spleen reduced lung fire and heat lost efficacy, remove the fire functionof lotus leaf to become fully deserve the nourishing Jiapin lotus leaf tea.

Diuretic laxative

Often drink lotus leaf tea can Runchang catharsis, detoxification. Lotus leaf tea drink four times every day there are signs of constipation, cansmooth stool, weight loss helpful.

Nuciferine have effect reducing weight good and excellent Jiangzhi health effects

Contains a variety of effective of lipid alkaloids nuciferine, can effectively break down fat and strong, discharges in vitro. Nuciferinecan tough with the intestinal wall, forming a layer of fat isolation membrane, prevent fat absorption, prevent fat accumulation. Nuciferineimprovement greasy diet, which has strong oil rejection effect so thatyou gradually dislike Hunxing greasy food.

Lotus leaf tea has many health functions

Lotus leaf tea has no side effects, on the body is not only harmless, buta lot of benefits, lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat, weight loss and other effects, can be a long time to drink, and often drink lotus leaf tea of "three high" that hypertension, high blood fat, high cholesterol and has obvious effect.

Matters needing attention

Beset by obese women, as well as to the middle-aged and consider people to prevent adult diseases, may wish to drink some tea. Lotus leaf tea is a kind of food, non-toxic, safe, is the ideal choice for your daily teaoh.

On the lotus leaf tea: is a tea health from lotus leaf as raw materialproduction. Lotus leaf tea mainly with the decomposition of fat,eliminate constipation, diuretic, three kinds of function, beingoverweight women, as well as to the middle-aged and consider people to prevent adult diseases, may wish to drink the lotus leaf tea, long-term drinking no side effects on the body. In addition, the lotus leaf inanother group of activated substances -- alkaloids, significant physiological activity, can obviously reduce the blood fat, resisting virus.