Lingzhi herbal instant coffee Lucid Ganoderma extract inside, 20 cups for slim

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Shelf Life: 1 years
Brand Name: for slim
Flavor: Spices & Herbs
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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

Lingzhi herbal leptin instant coffee w Lucid Ganoderma extract inside -20 Packs x5g /per box

Best suited for those who are excessively overweight and failed with other weight loss products.

Lingzhi herbal leptin instant s-l- im coffee Fragrant taste, but also to lose weight - have you ever thought about it so good? Enjoy, bumper, which is the commitment is coffee. Caffeine in coffee, can promote the role of lipolysis, the release of the fat in the blood, drinking coffee 30-40 minutes later, the blood fatty acid concentrations become high, then regular exercise, fatty acids can be converted into heat energy, effective means burning fat.

The Body of coffee from the United States series, Energizer Cellulite formula, the whole effect break down fat, take less, burning excess body fat to trim at top speed. Just a day before breakfast to take a pack, you can easily restore replies slim!

Only reduced fat, no diet, significantly control the appetite! 20 days effective, the effect is significant. Beauty of the girl, Mr. bellies, has just given birth to the new Mummy, do not miss it!

Coffee and beautiful music effect is very significant weight loss, welcomed by consumers, is also very popular product, no side effects and dependence. 10 days effective, natural way to lose weight, and often beautiful body. Easy, simple and casual, short-term achievements of the perfect curve, realize their dreams! Qu Li beauty is not only a good weight-loss drinks, a good helper is refreshing, ideal for those who stay up all night working to lose weight!

Lingzhi herbal leptin instant slim coffee is one of the most effective new products to come to the market. Premium coffee grown in the mountains of Central America. This Coffee can suppress appetite, increase metabolism, reduce fat, lower cholesterol and increase energy.

20 Packs x5g /per box


Lucid Ganoderma extract
GARCINIA: Potent weight loss agent
CLA - helps reduce body fat
BIOTIN- helps process proteins
CHROMIUM - Lowers blood sugar and suppresses appetite
GYMNENA SYLVESTRE- Appetite Suppressant and energy booster
TAURINE - Helps lower cholesterol/fight depression
CAYENNE - Speeds up metabolism
GREEN TEA EXTRACT- enhances metabolism
KOREAN GINSENG- Increases energy

Directions: Pour 1 pack of Coffee into a cup of boiling water, stir lightly and drink every morning, 30 minutes before breakfast. Drink ALOT of water through the day.