KTV bar manufacturers wholesale high-end home four evil fruit plate fruit plate coffee table ornaments resin creative

price: US $120.66
from AliExpress
item Type: Fruit Tea
Material: Green resin
Product Category: fruit dish
Colour: Topaz imitation, imitation jade
Place of origin: Guangdong
Time to market: 2015 summer
Is there a patent: No
Whether imported: No

Product Description

Applications:Hotels, clubs, KTV, home living room

Because the company's products more styles, more diversified single product color (rarely more than three kinds reached a dozen), custom engraving also need to print a single logo. Product no way to do every kind of color has inventory, orders, there will be 48 hours to complete the spot delivery. No stock press factory production cycle (5-7 days) to re-produce. Please contact a good online customer service to ask before shopping requirements under a single product whether a product is in stock! ! ! Thank you.


First, Wholesale Description:
1, the company's products can be less volume wholesale, support mixed batch.2, the company temporarily retail behalf (by Agent rules), more than 800 yuan from the grant, more than 1000 yuan mixed batch Free wooden fee, single tranche amounted to 1,500 yuan can be mixed batch of second price; single tranche amounted to more than 5000 yuan price by a third mixed batch; single tranche amounted to 10,000 yuan more than the price not only by a third of the total amount of mixed batch and enjoy 97% discount; payment of the total amount of thirty thousand yuan more than the views of 95 % discount; payment of the total amount of 50,000 yuan more than the 10% discount! The longer the cooperation, the higher the total payment amount, the higher the preferential rate.3, on the continued stock: Replenishment (mixed batch) of not less than 800 yuan (open style), replenishment (mixed batch) wooden fee charged yet reached 1000 yuan, replenishment (mixed batch) Failing to 2000 yuan, all according to a second price, replenishment (mixed batch) to 2,000 above the minimum price calculation. Replenishment single paragraph to four or more of the total payment amount to 1,000 or more, charged by the lowest price.4, each of the varieties of our products are subject to a variety of style or color, you can not choose the color If ordering, please specify the desired color pro or when we deliver evenly distributed in the remark, try to give your best-selling Colour!

5, due to the Company under the line wholesalers are more significant inventory fluctuations, in case of temporary out of stock, we inform you that we can not online we will certainly be in the delivery details of a single remark on. Verification after the buyer receives the goods hair together, contact us retreat out of the post, or when the next replenishment.

6, speed transit we can not give the pro-guaranteed, transportation time in different parts of different time requirements are very clear if guests do not the next single after single because the arrival time if not timely and not goods, the guests themselves bear the return postage, and all the losses. pro to keep the phone open, the arrival of the cargo will be notified by telephone after you, you take my identity is going to pick up cargo terminal can be. (delivery procedures cost, or if required after arrival home delivery logistics companies produce delivery costs borne by the buyer.)

7, preferential policies:

For the first time getting goods at wholesale price, the goods can enjoy the following benefits continued

Single 97% off over 5,000 single full 10,000 yuan 95 foldAccumulated over 10,000 yuan 97 fold
Accumulated over 50,000 yuan 95 fold
Accumulated over 80,000 yuan 9 fold

Second, the transaction process
Ali Want and customer service after a good check directly photographed payment. If you do not use the pro Ali payment, you can contact our customers, and our customer service will patiently explain pro.
After payment is received, we will immediately warehouse the goods according to your requirements with a good, according to the shipping method you choose 1-4 working days the goods issue (payment day is not).

1, issued after the goods, we will fill out the logistics a single number on the invoice, and telephone.
2. After you receive the goods, after checking, timely confirmation payments.

Third, the payment method

1, direct bank transfer
2. payment
3, Shenzhen surrounding areas and old customers to support the collection of freight

Alipay account:boxingiftboxingift.com.cnJiang Zisheng
Bank Information:
Bank: Agricultural Bank of China branch in Shenzhen Longxing

Account Name: Jiang Zisheng

Account number: 6,228,480,120,691,267,211

Bank: China Merchants Bank branch in Shenzhen Longgang

Account Name: Jiang Zisheng

Account number: 6,225,887,804,065,890

Bank: ICBC branch in Shenzhen Longgang

Account Name: Jiang Zisheng

Account number: 6,222,004,000,109,838,003

Bank: China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Henggang Branch

Account Name: Jiang Zisheng

Account number: 6,227,007,200,470,879,133

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank branch in Shenzhen Longgang

Account Name: Jiang Zisheng

Card Number: 6,229,422,206,191,403

Account Number TOTAL: 00000 0501510281886 (RMB)

00000 0501510281887 (US $)

00000 0501510282395 (Yen)

Fourth, shipping instructions

1, all products offer (except shipping activity products) are free International freight, taxes (freight customers themselves need to pay).

2, all wholesale Logistics, freight, logistics freight by volume to count. The Company does not send Debon logistics, green logistics select!

3, more than the amount due under the line wholesalers, some of the products in short supply, need to re-production, and the need to play wooden warehouse picking. Therefore, we are generally shipped in 1-4 days, so please customers and friends do not worry, the best advance orders, Thank you for understanding
Fifth, after-sales service

Please read the instructions carefully before shopping company wholesale, service, payment method, shipping instructions, so that both sides better communication and collaboration.
1, product if quality problems, reference after-sales service.
2, Enclosed pictures for reference only, commodities are subject to change due to update or improve quality, part of the configuration, color, style, etc., without notice, the order are to prevail in kind.
3. All prices are in daily settlement price shall prevail, commodity prices rising raw material according to fall, without notice.
4, such as 10 days after remittance have not received the goods, please email inquiries, to avoid accidents. Customers receive the goods. At this point the transaction is completed.

5, on the products in question deal with?
The company sold products is responsible for the whole. Our product will be checked for to do our best to ensure the safe arrival of goods. In case of products of small flaws, degumming and other issues we will, through good communication and after consultation with you, in case we serious quality problems, leading to not sell the products in question have to return service. It can also be resolved through communication and consultation. Back freight borne by the buyer. Adhering to the principle of mutual benefit, we believe the company will be a trust for your efforts.
Since it is a wholesale, shipping huge quantity, it is impossible to check whether each one will appear small blemishes. Issues that may arise include the wrong product, product quality problems, damaged packaging, transport crushed, the product has a small flaw. Wholesale non-entity wholesale network, if you are our local customers, replacement process is very simple, as long as we confirm our warehouse picking That can be changed, but opinions differ issue, because the need to generate shipping sent back. If you bought a 10-like product, a commodity bad, but this product is not even over 50 dollars, return to customer requirements We certainly do not agree that this is as an honest businessman must have, please do not tell is how Taobao how to solve, please know that there is Ali Baba, where only wholesale. Taobao turn several times the same product is sold, and we are here by the factory to the next line wholesalers unified wholesale prices.

6, on the damaged product handling?

The company sold products is responsible for the whole, on the product packaging we will do our best efforts, will try to find a reputable logistics companies and good communication, to ensure the safe arrival of goods. Product received damaged beyond repair, please take pictures to our customer service confirmed within 48 hours, we will archive reservations are handled as follows: 1 each bear half loss (payment amount of 1500 or less). 2. You can reissue the next time you purchase together with the goods, if the quantity to be starting, 3. next against the same amount of money when purchasing. Companies adhering to the principle of cooperation is a win-win situation, because if the damage caused by the loss of all unilateral to bear, is bound to be difficult to achieve win-win situation. If the customer assumes all, the client increases the cost and risk of procurement, can not maximize the value. If we assume the whole, it will increase the cost of products sold, it can not be sustainable to provide you with more low-cost high-quality products, their risk is now mature network operators unanimously approved treatment program! If you find it difficult to accept or want to set a cargo, please choose carefully, because you in the selection of suppliers but also when we choose our customers, we want to choose a long-term customer hand in hand with development.

8, after the receipt if you have any questions, you can contact customer service. Better treatment for your service

9, as we shipped in a timely manner, and delays due to shipping company delivery time or other losses, we are not responsible for the damages.

VI Return Policy

1, the customer received the goods to check the quantity and quality of goods 4 days, there are problems and timely feedback to the Customer Service process. Arrival four days without objection, deemed this cooperation without any problems, complete the transaction. Subjective not satisfied with the imagination as a reason, actual no quality problems return, will not be accepted. Are carefully checked before shipment specialty packaging,

2, before the return please communicate with our customer service, confirm the product type, quantity. If the notice is not subject to any direct return, we will not be processed. Return products need to retain the original packaging, the need to return the product no other damage, return damaged beyond repair, we will not refund.

3, keep the company's goods returned, the inconvenience to you when to re-return

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The company does not accept and compromise networks to carry out any form of crackdown in the name of fraud, please make way for the true consumer.

Rights is bidirectional, hope that consumers understand, please hit "most" people to spare. ("If you find this product page containing Pu absolute advertisements hope consumers can remind our customer service, we will be in accordance with regulations to improve and enhance product information") Thank you!