Kopi Luwak Coffee civets Kopi Luwak specialty Coffee Beans to false a compensate ten 100g

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Grade: super
Weight: 100g
Shelf Life: long
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

Luwak coffee, commonly known as kopi luwak, masked civet coffee, is named for its rare and has not come easily. Civet cats like eating fruit, fruit pulp after digesting the seeds are out of the body, after processed is referred to as "the most fragrant coffee," luwak coffee its worth more than blue mountain, in the international market raw beans cost up to $500 per kilogram, cooked beans in some markets higher up to $1500 per kilogram.

Wild civet cats spreading in coffee growing areas in yunnan, but carefully collected from coffee the jungle civet faeces, and the coffee beans, after washing, deodorant, dry, finally through the skilled bakers baking coffee is a rare thing indeed.

Luwak coffee is one of the world's most expensive coffee, price up to hundreds of dollars per pound, it is by the civet droppings extracted after processing is complete, civet cats eat the mature fruit, after the digestive system out of the body, because through the fermentation of the stomach, output don't have a taste of coffee, into the international market demand.

Civet cats like to choose coffee tree is the most mature and full of juicy sweet coffee fruits as food. Coffee and fruit through the digestive system, digest was only the flesh of the fruit appearance, the hard original coffee bean is then civet's digestive system intact. The digestive process, let the coffee beans produced unparalleled magic change, tend to be more unique flavor, taste specially delicious, rich fruity sweet taste is unmatched by other beans. This is because the civet's digestive system destroyed the protein in coffee beans, let the result of the protein of the bitter taste of the coffee a lot less, which increases the fruity taste of coffee beans.