Kabayan carbajal ginger coffee health care 200g

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Item Type: Instant Coffee
the degree of: medium roast
taste whether sacchariferous bakeshops: sugar-free

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  • Product parameters: Make: Canada kabayan Address: Canadian manufacturers Ingredients: pure coffee powder, ginger Storage: cool and seal Shelf life: 700 days Food additives: no Packing: Packing Brand: Prince of Peace Series: Kabbah salt Weight (g): 200 Coffee Taste: Bitter Does sugar: sugar Place of Origin: Canada Baking Level: medium roast

Emperor's Choice Brand: Ginger Coffee is the country's first, is the Prince of Peace by the United States and Canada, together Kabbah research group developed a product. (This product is not instant coffee, need coffee pot cooking) Kabbah research usually hand picked coffee fruit so that you can just pick the ripe fruit. Coffee berry contains two seeds, is what we call "beans." Kabbah research using dry processing of coffee beans, the best (but least used) is by using drying tables. This approach is a raised platform in the high and smear a thin layer of shattered fermented coffee fruit, so that air can flow in all directions in the beans, and then manually stirring coffee beans. This approach allows more uniform drying process, reducing the chance of fermented beans. So, we have a small coffee acidity, taste richer. Product Features: Ginger has detoxification sterilization, gingerol in ginger into the body, which can produce an antioxidant of the enzyme, which has a strong ability to deal with oxygen free radicals, but also much stronger than vitamin E. Ginger can stimulate the gastric mucosa, causing vasomotor center and sympathetic reflex excitability, promote blood circulation, enhance gastric function, to stomach, pain, sweating, antipyretic effect. Jiang also enhance the secretion of gastric and intestinal peristalsis, helping digestion; ginger ginger ene, zingerone there are obvious stop vomiting effect. Ginger has a significant inhibition of fungal skin and kill Trichomonas vaginalis effect, treat a variety of boils. Ginger inhibit cancer cell activity and reduce the toxicity of cancer, can play an anti-cancer effect. Ginger has diaphoresis, warm the lung cough, detoxification, treating exogenous cold, cold stomach, vomiting, cough, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and other symptoms of poisoning fish and crab.