Jujube cake Traditional casual snacks Specialty pastries Beijing Cakes 240g Cookie Food Sweet taste Grain Products

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Grade: QS
Shelf Life: 90 days
Origin: Wheat
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Certification: QS
Weight (kg): 0.24
Product Type: cakes
Jujube cake: snacks

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Tea Cake,Durian cake 864g (216g * 4 bags) , snacks,fruit cake,cookie,food,Free Shipping

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Free Shipping,Sugar-coated haws(Bing Tang Hu Lu) 400g, candy,Beijing specialty, Hawthorn,snacks

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Beijing Jujube cake

Snacks food

A hundred years old, authentic Sanhe Beijing Daoxiang Zaohua crisp, classic pastry products, with date paste filling, stuffing shiny reddish brown, sweet taste, taste crisp cotton, delicate and resilient, with flowers shaped appearance, beautiful and chic .

Edible method: open bags of ready-to-eat