Jingdezhen porcelain factory goods during the Cultural Revolution pastel yellow Wanshouwujiang six tea coffee new stock

price: US $128.00
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item Type: scented tea
Product Category: Tea Set
Num.: 02
Material: Ceramics
Place of origin: Jingdezhen
Surface Technology: Enamel
Whether with a tea tray: No
Whether imported: No

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[Product Material]

High white porcelain

[Commodity color]


[Commodity rank]

First grade

[Product Technology]



[Material]: high temperature ceramic color glaze

[Size]:Baby Size: height 16 cm Teapot, expensive, diameter 11.5 cm, height 5 cm cup, cup 7.5 cm, 24 cm tray. (Hand casting production, every kind will be some gaps, please prevail in kind.)

[Comment]: family recreation park is the soul, the rest of the harbor. In the rapid development of the material life, spiritual life even more attention to the era of modern home accessories and much welcomed by young pro-Lai, section three of the fashion, fine workmanship, clean lines, unique home decoration placed at home in either reflect the owner's Taste value and interest in life, but also enough to attract the attention of the guests, show the unique charm of the owner!


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Flashing porcelain luster, jade stones, bright pure, rich sense of permeability of color, coloring distinctive, like Bao Shi Meiyu wins amber agate!

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