Jingdezhen bone / manual kneading carved enamel color / Redbud coffee cup saucer spoon three gift sets

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item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Coffee Sets
Material: 36 percent more bone meal bone china
Style: Western
Occasions for gifts: Business gifts
Place of origin: Jingdezhen
Time to market: 2013 summer
Shape: Irregular shape

Product Description

Price segment:40-50 yuan
Is there a patent:No
Gift purposes:Business gifts

Classic yet stylish, innovative yet full of flavor. ExistingEuropeStreamline shape elements of the new art, and into the thick oriental flavor. Complete fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics, repeatedly grown strives for excellence in nature creatures of bright colors and three-dimensional pattern, breaking porcelain unattainable noble image, always exudes an affinity appeal, to touch people's heart, the most moving Flanagan nerve, let the senses and the mind listen to the music of nature's most primitive life! This in turn with retro style fashion and environmental protection "fashion vane," said the same purpose there.

United States of hand-painted ceramics
Even if the machine age has dominated for centuries of human civilization, but humans still always seek the kind that can be directly touched the hearts of force, and therefore "manual", "hand-made", "feel" of aesthetics will never carved zero.

Use "underglaze color" technique, it is the most advanced ceramic glazing technique, short on is covered with glaze painting protection, because a protective glaze layer, underglaze painting can avoid long touch or wear and tear caused by the long years of weathering, and retain the advantages of the millennium change, rich in art and spread the blessings of permanent porcelain

Chinese ancient Qing imperial cloisonne enamel material is fired into the palace in an extremely rare imperial porcelain palace. Enamel was founded in the late Kangxi, Yongzheng Sheng,
Qianlong period, after introduced to Japan, and its porcelain nourish, color material solemn, beautiful bright color, fine art work and famous throughout the world.
Bone china is the world's most recognized high-grade porcelain species. Bone china it was added to the clay in herbivore bone meal as a raw material and calcium phosphate system solvent fired porcelain. Finished lightweight texture, fine hard, easy to wear and cracking, in the light irradiation crystal, white, translucent color to natural bone meal unique natural milk white. Featured bone china is white and high transparency, gloss and soft, decorative effect is excellent, the sound especially sweet. Wenrunruyu character, fit pure pastel colors, has created a different kind of charm. Three hundred years since the advent of bone china, ceramic has been the best.

[List of items including the] cup (height 8.2 cm, diameter 8.2 cm) a dish (17.3 cm wide and 12 cm long) scoop (length 12.5 cm)

[Packaging] gift packaging

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