International Gold Award of China coffee medium roast cooked black coffee organic coffee – coffee beans circle (roasted beans)

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Weight: 227g
Shelf Life: 730
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Coffee beans
Flavor: coffee Original

Product Description

International Gold Award of China coffee - medium roast cooked black coffee - organic coffee - coffee beans circle (roasted beans) • Production License number: 530521010001 • Product Standard: NY / T 605-2006 • Make: Baoshan Kam Hing Science & Technology Co., Ltd. • Address: Baoshan City, Yunnan Province, People's Road East • Ingredients: 100% Baoshan Iron pickups coffee beans • Storage: sealed and stored in a cool, dry place away from light • Shelf life: 730 days • Food additives: None • Packaging: Packaging • Weight (g): 227 • Product Barcode: 6959788801047 • Taste: Neutral • Health and extent of cooked beans: Coffee beans cooked • Brand: Kam Hing • Series: Roasted Coffee • whether sugar: sugar • whether organic food: Yes • Origin: China • provinces: Yunnan Province • City: Baoshan City • Baking Level: medium roast About this product situation: Baoshan is one of the main producing areas of Yunnan coffee, the coffee produced good quality, rich mellow, one of the "old breed" Coffee (iron pickups) with the world's best coffee --- Blue Mountain coffee comparable. Back in 1958 it was named the first-class product on the London International Exposition, recognized in 1980 as a national coffee conference "National Coffee crown"; 1992 First China Agricultural Fair, Lu Jiang won the highest silver coffee ; in 1993, won the World "Eureka" Gold World coffee competitions Assembly held in Brussels, Belgium on. In recent years, with the expansion of international trade, arabica coffee Lujiangba even more famous. There are coffee lovers often traveled abroad, come to seek. Europe, Arab countries, especially Britain, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao them as merchants are top grade products in short supply. About Coffee origin - Baoshan Iron Pickup: Baoshan Iron pickup is one of the world's top coffee, rarely yield, annual output of not more than 100 tons! Rail pickups coffee, is China, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences since 1951, mainly in Baoshan develop cultivars grown since, and only low-altitude areas planted at an altitude of 1000 meters below, had been the gold medal in the international arena. Round about coffee beans: Coffee beans, the round beans account for only about 5%, and mixed beans in general, to have it sorted out is not an easy task, even if carefully sorting, can elect generally not more than 2%, Therefore, the number of rare and hard to get! More importantly, it taste a lot better compared to the same kind of regular coffee (flat beans), and they tend to have to buy a bag of coffee with friends back award compensation!