Industry-leading new fabric cup Korean Trade show high temperature hot coffee sentimental circus

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item Type: Black Tea
Product Category: Suction cup lid
Material: 36 percent more bone meal bone china
Style: Korean
Occasions for gifts: Awards commemorate fairs, anniversary celebration, advertising promoti
Shape: Round
Features: High temperature, environmental protection
Suitable: Coffee, tea, water, milk, drinks cup

Product Description

Cup accessory:A lid, a handle

This photo is physical fine map, genuine! !

The historic southern city of Jingdezhen, known for rich ceramics known, worked with Hankou Town, Foshan Town, zhuxianzhen tied for the four famous towns. Jingdezhen ceramics, a national treasure, known as "thin as paper, bright as a mirror, white jade, such as chime sound" and other unique characteristics of renowned Chinese and foreign.

Bone china, also known as jade porcelain, is recognized as the world's most high-end porcelain kind. Bone through 1380 degree heat baked, crisp sound, texture, light, fine hard, easy to wear and cracking, in the light irradiation crystal, white, translucent, color into natural bone meal unique natural milk white. Fine porcelain transparent, beautiful shape and elegant, chic, Yong rich, lofty and elegant flower. White glaze flaw jade, crystal Yun Chol, moist bright, the picture more colorful porcelain. After two high-temperature firing, making lead-free, non-toxic, harmless, and never fade green ceramic, suitable for dishwashers \ microwave. For personal use or gift family are all preferred share

[Material] bone china foreign trade, after 1380 degree heat baked, crisp sound ( dishwasher / microwave applicable )

[Level] genuine

[Packaging] color box (box volume of 12.5 * 9 * 10 cm)

[Size] Cup diameter of about 8.5 centimeters, about 9 cm tall cup, capacity 320 ml, lid diameter 10 cm

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A Dream

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