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Chinese name: Indonesia Fremantle Ning coffee bean English name: Indonesia Mandheling Product Specifications: 100 grams Coffee Country: Indonesia Coffee Grade: Mandheling (Grade 1) Disposition: washing treatment Baking: Medium deep baking (Hight Roast) Description: Medellin, the best combination of flavor and concentration of coffee, it's the larger particles, bean quality is quite hard, has not yet appeared before the Blue Mountains, Medellin was regarded as the best coffee, because it's rich mellow taste , not astringent, not acid, alcohol degree, bitter and sweet high, quite a personality. Savor the, Chunchi Jian als o left a faint chocolate flavor and nuts flavor. quality standards a, moisture <12% b, defects ≤ 6% c, cup pure product <Price fluctuations in the international market with raw bean> Description: Yellow Jinmantening beans Features: It Medellin coffee flavor is very rich, sweet, bitter, full-bodied, with a little sweetness. Most general drinking coffee lovers a single product, but it is also an integral part of the deployment of hybrid varieties of coffee. Since Medellin coffee itself has no acid properties, it is generally the way special brew, the coffee beans are based in Medellin, in the prolonged heat or modulation iced coffee, are no nasty sour taste appear. After a great baked beans, green beans brown or dark green, caramel-like special flavor, full-bodied taste. Medellin coffee produced in Asia, Indonesia's Sumatra, known as "Sumatran coffee." Her style is very rich, sweet, pure bitter, mellow, sweet and sour with a little after drinking has a rich and long lingering aftertaste. Most general drinking coffee lovers a single product, but it is also an integral part of the deployment of hybrid varieties of coffee. Medellin: The palate is rich sound, with pleasant acidity. The smell of alcohol, acidity, sweetness rich intriguing for deep baking, emitting a strong fragrance. Coffee gentleman - Sumatra Mandheling Bustamante Ning is grown at an altitude of 750 to 1500 m altitude mountains of the finest coffee beans, first-class quality of the highest order Takengon Medellin and Sidikalang produced. Since Medellin has irreplaceable mellow taste, Japan's largest coffee company UCC UCC in 1995 in collaboration with the famous Sumatra coffee merchant PT Gunung Lintong run their first coffee plantations in Asia, visible Medellin What's important position in the coffee fields have. Medellin table a kind of masculine, drink up a kind of stirring, wanton ocean, riding arena scenery, this tastes so that men are fascinated, meaning a kind of gritty and take I can stalwart spirit. Some say Medellin thick thick, coffee in Julius Caesar, it's cruel Tasui everlasting desolation, sand aspect distant horizon; Some say Medellin gentle, sociable, even the most hard-hearted man will willingly to surrender to its gentle. Whether people how to describe it, because Medellin men become great; woman becomes charming because of Medellin; life because of the Medellin and full of achievement and pride ...... world because Man tnine become full of sunshine and love. Perhaps because of this as life and showed great ideals, life becomes extraordinary because of the same practice. Medellin has been the most unique performance of its most distinctive bitter sweet, as if life. When begun to taste it, we probably worth staggering, no amount of sugar can not put that mask the bitter taste, but we are unable to control their crazy obsession with it exudes a charming fragrance, like flowers on the edge of thorns, sobering conscious. Medellin suffering does not make you upset, but will make you feel more awake; until you have real pain, Medellin with just a cup of ordinary bitter drink, just so you refreshing liquid, just let You suspend the footsteps of tools, it is not sensitive to your grievances, but there are many people crazy obsessed with Medellin bitterness, as if in the drug can not quit, if you want to know why this is, they will tell you with a smile :. "Because love is bitter refining out of" Medellin jumping slightly acidic flavor mixed with the rich, let you easily will be able to appreciate the gentle fragrance of the active factor, it was Zhuo without any taste a lot of confusion pursuit person. 17th century, the Dutch introduced the first Arabica trees to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and Indonesia. In 1877, a large-scale disaster strikes Indonesian islands, coffee rust disease devastated almost all of the coffee trees, people had to abandon Arabica has been operating for many years, and from the introduction of the disease in Africa and strong Robbs Tower of coffee trees. Today's coffee production in Indonesia is a big country. Coffee origin, mainly in Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi, Robusta species accounted for 90% of total production. Medellin and Sumatra is rare Arabica species. These trees were planted on the hillside 750 meters to 1500 meters above sea level between the mysterious and unique kind of gives Medellin Sumatra coffee aroma, taste rich, intense flavor, slightly chocolate syrup flavor and taste. Medellin larger particles beans, bean quality hard, planting process is prone to blemishes, usually after harvest rigorous artificial selection, if not strictly control the process, it is likely to cause the quality varies greatly, with different degrees baking will also directly affect the taste, it became more controversial single product. Medellin tastes strong, with a strong degree of alcohol and fragrant and lively dynamic, not astringent acid, alcohol degree, the degree of suffering can be revealed. Medellin beans appearance is arguably the most ugly, but fans say Sumatra coffee beans more look good, taste better, more alcohol, the more slippery. Medellin coffee produced in Asia, Indonesia's Sumatra, known as "Sumatran coffee." The main origin of the island of Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra, where 90% of Robusta species. Sumatra, which produced "Mante Lin" the most famous. Produced in the fine tradition of northern Sumatra Sumatra Arabica coffee was dubbed the best in Medellin Mandheling Lin Dong Lintong and sell on the market. Specifically refers to Lin Dong Lintong coffee growing areas are located in a small piece of Lake Toba Lin Dong Region in southwest. Coffee growing areas scattered in a little high and full of undulating fern-covered clay plateau. Lintong Lin Dong non shade grown coffee, do not use chemicals, almost entirely owned by smallholders. Mandheling title Medellin is broader, including Diari [the capital Sidikalang] Lin Dong under Lintong coffee and similar conditions, Blending general steps and principles Before the fight we should be clear with the following: 1 items with the theme I hope to fight with what kind of taste that determine blending targets. 2. Understand the characteristics of each coffee beans To fight with coffee must first be familiar with every single coffee features a subtle understanding of the relationship between the degree of roasting coffee flavor, and all this can only be achieved through product cup. 3 Determine participate blending coffee beans are the tasks Because it is equipped with a variety of beans to use to fight, it must be clear that each coffee bean task is to make her emergent gentle bitterness, sour or sharp heavy alcohol degree. When blending generally follow the following principles: 1 requires blending with raw beans each with characteristics using coffee beans, while avoiding the use of a similar flavor beans. Choose raw beans can be considered from three aspects: Beans processing methods: the beans are processed using the method of washing or drying, handling law and coffee flavors of a great relationship. Beans Origin: coffee origin is generally divided into three regions, including Central and South America, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, hole Salvador, Jamaica, Peru, about 20 countries; Southeast Asia, namely India, Indonesia (including Java and Sumatra and other islands), Papua New Guinea about 10 countries; Arab and African regions, namely Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Arabia, Uganda, about 25 countries. Coffee flavor: refers to the flavor of the coffee beans sour, bitter, sweet, alcohol which blindly more prominent, or more balanced in all aspects of neutral beans. Now the most commonly used raw beans are Brazil, Colombia and mocha. 2 kinds of beans involved in the fight with the number and proportion of Since it is a fight with, naturally refers to two or more blending of raw beans, but is also a special case can be different degrees of the same kinds of baked beans blending together, and even the same kind of new crop beans and aged coffee or old crop blending together, so kind referred to in the blending is not narrowly coffee varieties, but rather extends to a broad flavor of the coffee. Generally use two to six kinds of coffee beans when blending, too many species will be unable to express a unique coffee flavor. Generally do not take coffee blending blending ratio of 1:1, as this may inhibit the unique flavor of each other, so there must be primary or secondary to the fight with more than a single coffee taste wonderful when blending. If you want to fight with the complex flavors of coffee, beans can reduce the proportion of the original theme, and vice versa. (3) blending coffee is constantly trying to rely on, so should be used before the fight with a combination of mathematical formulation of a fight with the way the schedule, and then blending - the process of goods to determine the best solution cup. Do not think this is a negative awkward fact that only by blending teacher experience, inspiration and so patiently try to fight with a good cup of coffee