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Style: Loose Tea
Variety: Gouqi berry
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Product Description

Black wolfberry

Wild blackWolfberry( Also known as black fruit wolfberry ) Mongolia named " Qiaonuo English - HalMagnus"TibetanName " next to Mary ." Black fruitWolfberrySweet, flat , richProtein,WolfberryPolysaccharide,Amino acids,Vitamins,Minerals,Trace elementsOtherNutritionIngredients. Also containsRichBlack fruit pigments - naturalProanthocyanidins( Excluding red berries wolfberry ) , its OPC content exceedingBlueberry( Black wolfberry fruit containing OPC3690mg / 100g;BlueberryContaining OPC330 ~ 3380mg / 100g), is by far , foundOPCThe highest content of natural wild plants . ProanthocyanidinsOPCIs the most effective natural water-solubleRadical scavengersItsEffectBeVc20 timesVE50 times . Black is known as the wild medlar "BlueEnchantress. "

Historical legends

According to "Book of Changes"Records " Tianxuan to yellow , " Hyun is black, by the king of heaven at the time the clothes worn is black; whileShuofang, Is in today'sShaanxi and GansuYongbyon area and other places. Xian Yun Jubing hit northern tribes weeks,EmperorJichangSeveral times to send troops conquest, frustrated , then go to secondary school champion ShuoFang stationed southFrontier" Emperor ordered me , the city he Shuofang ."South ChungShuofang against an enemy of the time , accidentally stained by beverages disease thatHealing StoneNo medicine . A nameless old man donated a black cotoneaster , get the , day chewing , light as possible and more. When to Xian Yun defeated, victorious return, offered citrate inJichang. King Wen eat, big Yue , like its sweet and healthy, is the fruit of God 's days , ordered to black as the color of the emperor .

The main role

StrengthenImmunity, DelayingSenescence: Wild black pigment anthocyanin containing wolfberry is the most effective naturalRadicalScavenger , delaying the aging of human cells and tissues , to keep the young state ,Longevity. Bushenyijing preventionCancer: Black Lycium flowersAstaxanthin (Anthocyanosides) has cleared the efficacy of free radicals, also allowCancer cellNot successfully proliferation , thereby protecting more healthyCellsFrom beingCancer cellErosion. LikeBreast cancerThe pathogenic mechanism is the case , so taking anthocyanins forBreast cancerThe development will have a good inhibiting effect . ThirstImprove circulation : anthocyanins can improveBlood circulationRestore lostMicrovascularEffectiveness , strengthen fragile blood vessels , which are vessels more flexible . Proanthocyanidins are called "AtherosclerosisTheDetoxicationMedicine . " ForVenousInsufficiency whoProanthocyanidinsCan effectively alleviate pain ,Edema, NightSpasmOther symptoms soEuropeThe doctor will usually recommendVaricose veinsThe patient food rich in anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) foodBlueberry. Blood and soothe the nerves , improveSleeping: Black wolfberry anthocyanins prevent skinWrinkleThe earlier generation , is nature's most effectiveAntioxidantSubstances. It can not only prevent skinWrinkleThe earlier generation, better supplementNutritionAnd eliminate harmful free radicals . Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) is a natural sun shelter , can preventUVAgainst the skin, ifAnthocyaninsTo be protected , then about 85% ofSkinCells can survive. Lungs and cough , slowingSenescence: With the accelerated pace of increasing people's lives and work pressure , people's normalClockChange will occur from time to time , such as continuous overtime , etc., so that people's habits have to accept change , so often have sleep problems. Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) has a depth cytoprotectiveMembraneNot to be radicalOxidationEffect , with a strongAntioxidantAnd anti-AllergyFunction, can cross the blood-brain barrier protects the brain is notOxidation, Can stabilize brain function , protect the brain from harmful chemicals andToxinDamage. Edible black wolfberry anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) , people feel much sober mind , sleep thoroughly improved. Wolfberry contains black pigment anthocyanin is the most effective natural radicalsScavenger, Delaying the aging of human cells and tissues , to keep the young state ,Longevity. Eyesight effects : Long-term use of wild black wolfberry ( sinks ) tea to drink , to protect eyesight has obvious effect on teenagersPseudomyopia,Middle-agedVertigo, retinal hemorrhage,Diabetic retinopathy,Cataract,Visual fatigue,Dry eyeHave good health care. Black fruit wolfberry also preventionDiabetesAnd has significant anti- fatigue , liver , anti-tumor , and clear the blood vessels,BuckProtectCardiovascular SystemEffect.[3] Usage:Flood damage,Tea,PaojiuAnd so on. For the crowd: 1 ,Rough skin, No elastic relaxation women ; 2 , color is poor,Dark and gloomy,ChloasmaWomen ; 3, due to skin aging ,WrinkleIncreased,Neck profileDeepening of women ; 4 , eatFry,MarinateProducts,Can,BarbecueOther foods are ; 5 , long-term use of computers and mobile phones people ; 6 ,Endocrine disordersPerson .