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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Age: 21 - 30 Years
Style: Blooming Tea
Packaging: Box
Certification: QS
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Pu'er Tea tea health function:

1 help digestion.

2 refreshing.

Pu'er Tea ripe tea

Pu'er Tea ripe tea (35)

3 prolong life.

4 reducing blood fat, weight loss.

5 for improving eyesight.

6 diuresis, detumescence.

7 antibacterial anti-inflammatory.

8 anti arteriosclerosis.

9 fall blood pressure, anti hypertension.

10 prevention of coronary heart disease.

11 anti radiation, radiation such as tv.

12, calm the nerves.

13 nutrition agent.

14 can cure diabetes.

15 the role of beauty.

16 prevention of anemia.

17 anti fatigue, relieving fatigue effect.

18 a hangover, alcohol toxicity.

19 dip to quench their thirst.

20 anti-cancer, anti-cancer.

21 Qi boosting.

22 antibacterial zhixie.

23 detoxification.

24 increase the body's adaptability.

25 anti tuberculosis.

26 in addition to smell, eliminate bad breath.

27 elevated white blood cells, treating leukopenia disease.

28 antiviral.

29 protect teeth.

The 30 regulating body fluid acid-base balance.

31 external use in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial.

32 improve immunity.