High Quality caramel RS slim roasted coffee beans from original vietnam beans baking with vanilla flavors

price: US $20.90
from AliExpress
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Brand Name: Seacoast Coffee
Weight: 454g
is_customized: Yes
Item Type: Coffee beans
Shelf Life: 365
Grade: AAA

Product Description

454g High-quality Seacoast Colombian Coffee Beans baking charcoal roasted Original green food slimming coffee lose weight
Seacoast coffee is one of the USA largest provider of coffee, its instant coffee use the high-quality raw materials, smooth mellow moist taste, fragrant and little bitter, refreshing.
Seacoast Coffee Beans ingredients: The beans are in good shape and size, with natural fragrance. The product is a kind of severe roasted coffee, tastes coke, bitter without acid. Because the coffee beans contain oil, making coffee by distillation can get the best taste.

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