Haplostele organic coffee powder enteroclysm detoxified set king enema enteroclysm full set utensils

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Weight: 454
Shelf Life: 720
Flavor: Chocolate
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Ground Coffee
Place of production: china mainland

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Production methods coffee enema :( for reference) Ingredients: Organic coffee powder 10 g + pure water 1000 ml Method: After 300cc water to boil, boil the organic coffee powder into about three minutes, simmer for 10 minutes, in order to filter or filter paper filter, then add warm water to the 500cc ~ 1000cc, coffee temperature to be raised as the body temperature can be used. This enema package is the latest on the package, just with the amount of 20 times!
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Coffee enema steps: Step 1:after the enema bag clean off the stop valve Step 2:will make a good coffee enema add about 38 Celsius warm water Recommend just started a coffee enemas man, for the first time as long as water is added to 600, allowing the body to adapt first, and then after successive increases 1000. Step 3: enema bag hanging on the high Load the enema enema bag hanging high, about a person's height can be. Step 4: of the air out of the tube enemas Open the stop valve on the enemas tube, allow the liquid to flow out while the enemas tube air out, then re-close the stop valve. Step 5: Lubricate the tip irrigation pipe Or linseed oil (flaxseed oil may play a role in inflammatory and lubricated simultaneously) Step 6: mining right side of the body lying When the coffee enemas on, you can shop a towel lying on the floor beside the bed, place best not too far away from the toilet. Step 7: enemas tube is inserted and open water stop valve Right side lying position, and left natural arch, the irrigation field pipe gently into the anus of about 8 cm deep, open water stop valve about one-third, about 10 minutes to drop finished. Adjust speed depending on each case, if it is intended can not help but slow down, or turn off the water stop valve, hold back 30 seconds to one minute, and so it is intended to reduce continue. If you really can not help, it does not matter to the toilet, can be divided into twice will not affect the results. When recommended enemas can listen to music, relax. Step 8: drops after lying now, the left side of the abdomen body massage performed about 3 to 5 minutes enemas droplets to be finished, the body lying on the positive, you can tilt your feet against the bed or wall, the body-forming. Then began to massage the left abdomen, around the navel in a clockwise direction, massage can be more than five minutes or so the toilet. This time there would actually have meaning, if you really can not help, omit steps massage can directly go to the bathroom. When stomach massage will hear the sound of water, then rinse water enema to clean the mouth as clean as in the intestinal wall. When the toilet clockwise abdominal massage also can help clean the stool row. After Step 9:enemas may be appropriate to add fruits and vegetables juice minerals and probiotics