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Antigua in a 270 - year - old coffee farms. Pay attention to in the traditional planting technique, coffee varieties using traditional old trees. Every harvest season, plantation owners only buy from picking fruit ripe red fruits, picking the fruit mixed in the immature Chinese olive shall be removed. Typically even in picking projects require workers only picked ripe red fruits, culling out again after the acquisition of Chinese olive manor with almost no.

Bean almost no uniform color, shortcomings. To wave state, iron pirkanmaa is given priority to planting, pay attention to every detail of strict management in antigua region is extremely rare.

First love when the green apple is as sweet and sour, fragrance is full-bodied, soft sweet aftertaste.

In America Guatemala enjoyed a best quality of coffee in the world of fame, but the quality has dropped once. However, to the delight of people is gradually restore its reputation. 1750 jie su kuyt (Jesuit priest bourbon coffee tree introduction to Guatemala, the end of the 19th century German colonists developed area of coffee industry. In the Sierra Madre (Sierra Madre) volcanic slopes for Zhi fine beans provides ideal conditions. High altitude area growth of coffee (SHB) vibrant, compared with other types of coffee, the critics are more like the tobacco smell of coffee. The place of hard coffee beans are a rare good coffee, its grain full full, taste delicious, balanced acidity, in addition, the giant beans also pay more attention to Guatemala. Guatemala taste heavier than costa rica coffee beans, have more than moderate acidity and light tone of chocolate; Its authors, tobacco flavor.

In northwest of Guatemala's most remote highland, planting up to 1800-2100 meters above sea level, is the country's driest climate, highest coffee production areas, thanks to Mexico flourishing mention her plain (Tehuantepec blowing hot air, making this area is high and not cold. Coffee flavor this area belongs to typical extremely hard beans, lively and bright fruit acid taste, grapefruit acid purity of blackberry is sweet, sweet and thick in Guatemala, crown of cafe is a favorite of the family of acidophilus, sweet and sour feeling good, sometimes with lemon peel or citrus, similar to the cafe snow brown tone, but slightly weak, fruity flavor overall imbalance.

That is to say, its taste in citrus acidity is better than the flowers fragrant incense and nut, quite a character. Vivian south fruit flavor of angular distribution, should be with no volcanoes, soil minerals are uneven. Bullying and rich fruit acid level change is the characteristics of the time region.

Antigua (Antigua) is also a famous producer of coffee. Antigua coffee from karma that estate (Hacienda Carmona), it's the best coffee quality love, the card (EL Pulcal) it is not only good quality, and other than Guatemala coffee taste more rich, more rich taste, tobacco smoke. Every 30 years or so, antigua area near to the onset of a volcanic eruption, which provided already fertile land with more nitrogen, and plenty of rainfall and sunshine to make this place more suitable for cultivation of coffee.