Green Coffee Tea With Ginger Slimming Coffee Ginger Tea To Send A Combination Of Brown Sugar 500g free shipping

price: US $75.90
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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 500g
is_customized: Yes
Shelf Life: 12month
Brand Name: JC009
Packaging: Box
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee

Product Description

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500g /bag ,small indenpendent pag in it.

It's made with chinese nature plant ,ginger,no side effect.

Keep a blance diet and drink it would be better.

It is a fast-acting ,fat-burning beverage, to be effective for weight loss with no side effect and dependency .It is one of the best-seller brand with high reputation from its consumers .

Weight loss made simple and rapid you will lose excess pounds and become slimmer that you can see and feel in just 6 days .It is tasty and refreshing ,good for fatty people ,night worker and those who wish to keep fit .

Green Coffee Function:

1) In-depth detox

It accelerates bowels movement cleanse
(2) Stay ftt

Just one simple serving per day ,will burn 40% of daily fat away .

Mix one bag of green coffee with 6 to 8 ounces of water ,30 minutes before breakfast .Drink more water for optimal results .

Effect: fast weight loss, beauty, young treating constipation, cold and female menstrual pain. Health, international food safety certification product


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