goji berry The king of Chinese wolfberry medlar bags in the herbal tea Health tea goji berries Gouqi berry organic food 50g #3

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In Chinese wolfberry has many folk terminologies, such as Gou screwdriver , wolfberry red solid , beet seed , West wolfberry, dog milk, red peppers, citrate hoof , wolfberry fruit , ground bones , Citrus eggplant eggplant , red earrings, blood cotoneaster , citrate ground shoots son , wolfberry beans, blood wolfberries , wolfberry Jin . The main producing areas in Ningxia wolfberry , Ningxia Province, County , farmers used to call wolfberry is " ci" , Mainz that thorns. This is due to the similarity of wild medlar and thistles , often commingled for firewood in the folk of the " ci" as wolfberry common name used to . Ning in rural areas, known as wolfberry Park Heights Park , arrested Qi tree called Mainz tree branches called wolfberry Heights bar . Thus , the rural rich wolfberry Ning is also known Heights Township , rich in local color rather culture is often dubbed the title Heights Township , township play as Mainz , Mainz rural ballads like. However, in the field of medicine , the medlar medlar ie , not the fruit of Mainz , Mainz real and other titles . About Goji berries: This goji berry is from Ningxia Zhongning county where is famous for growing goji. Its surface is clean;thin-long oval shaped;with obvious white spikes;has very good medical functions;with low content of sugar. This goji berry tastes slightly sweet if you put it into your mouth and eat it directly. This goji berry is dried,so the quantity is more than the one is wet. As you know,wet goji berry contains more water,as a results,the quantity of dried goji berry is more than the wet one when they are of a same weight. Dried goji berry will be better and more cost-effective. It can be drunk as herbal/fruit tea individually or with other fruits or flower teas. It also can be added to rice congee, as well as used in Chinese tonic soups, in combination with chicken or pork, vegetables, and other herbs. Goji has very much good functions to our body. It nourishes the liver and brightens the eyes, tonifys kidney,enriches blood and calm nerves and etc. Storage:Keep sealed and put in a cool,dry place or refrigerator, with the temperature of 0-18 degrees.