Genuine! 100g Peru Maca Coffee Instant Coffee Fatigue Improve Sexual Performance For Men And Women 10 Tea Bag Free Shipping

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Product Description

Genuine! 100g Peru Maca Coffee Instant Coffee Fatigue Improve Sexual Performance For Men And Women 10 Tea Bag Free Shipping

=========Free Shipping

NA groups: infants, pregnant women, lactating women disabled.

Net Weight: 100g Shelf Life:18 mouths

Package: box , 10 tea bag in one box Storage: Sealed in a cool dry place

Health Benefits: Improve immunity, anti-fatigue, improve sexual performance


1.Open the bag, pour a cup of coffee will Maca

What Maca Coffee
MACA coffee with Peruvian Ginseng Maca extracts the main material, supplemented cynomorium, supported by high quality Brazilian black coffee and refined, mellow taste, rich, is the best choice to improve immunity.


secret Lu Maka, wild Cynomorium, Brazil black coffee


Maca coffee products using natural herbal Peruvian Maca Maca unique amide, okra, beans, Brazil Senior High creamer and other refined coffee drinks.

Ingredients introduction


Maca, a plant grown in the Andean region of South America, Peru altitude of 4000 km above the plateau. For thousands of years MACA has been seen as the Andean Incas gift of God, then the Incas in addition to MACA as food to feed their families, but also surprised to discover that MACA may increase strength.

Amount, while you can enhance sexual performance and fertility in humans and animals.

Maca Chinese translated as Maka Lepidium meyenii Maca is a cruciferous plant's shape radish cress-like mast roots, originating near and Pass 4000 meters above the Andes in Peru and Central the low temperature region, strong winds, harsh ecological conditions unsuitable for growing other crops, thus maca maca has become one of life in mountain areas Incas food source. Its roots can be fresh meat or other vegetables along with fried food, indigenous people often put fresh root with honey and fruit juice as a beverage drink. Eating maca maca can enhance physical, energetic, eliminate anxiety, improve sexual function. It is reported that in addition to growth outside of Peru, 3000 meters above sea level in China Yunnan plateau there was a planting base.

Brazilian black coffee

Brazil black coffee, coffee by nearly 200 years of history in Brazil Maca multi-family, founded in 2006 in China. Brazilian origin of the use of the rich resources and professional team strengths of coffee, the essence of the traditional process of integration into the modern means of innovation, and thus provide the original ecology, convenient, healthy coffee, for people of coffee, but also with strong coffee culture and effectiveness of marketing to promote the life process of coffee! Maca mostly Chinese market specific ECC system will help our consumers and agents, easier product promotion and acceptance of coffee and coffee culture, coffee speed up the process of life.

Brazilian coffee beans beans large particles, pale green or pale yellow, almost always used as a general deployment used; delicate aroma, mild flavor and comfortable, suitable for early contact with those who try to drink coffee, sour and bitter taste can be baking to deploy, moderate baking flavor and soft, moderate flavor, deep baking is a strong bitter taste, suitable to the deployment of mixed coffee. Highland hard beans thick soft fruit acidity and Brazilian beans not sour gentle tone always mutually Zhenghui flavor yuan. Brazilian coffee is low-lying areas in general, to local conditions, Maca and more fathers after numerous efforts to breed without shade Highlands and improved Arabica coffee trees can be planted on sloping plain or meadow, direct exposure in the sun, different from the traditional style shade higher elevations cultivation method. GAN bred sweet gourmet coffee cupping make international division astounding! Form a unique style soft beans. Maca coffee beans are processed within 24 hours of water selected to ensure pure fresh! Depending on the product design required picking coffee will be carried out within 24 hours of water treatment to remove impurities selected, selection of Maca get more coffee beans.


Its scientific name Hibiscus esculentus, alias folder okra, okra, is Malvaceae annual herb, native to Africa, after entering the Americas. Now the biggest producer of okra in there - the southern United States, the Americans gave it a more easily remembered name - "Plant Viagra." In addition, Chinese names are also known as okra.

Dried Okra can be developed as a health tea, because it is rich in flavonoids and other nutrients while many aspects of the human kidney, liver, stomach, skin and other very helpful, there Shenzhen Kwai Swiss biotechnology, agricultural science and technology in Guangxi Kwai Lin production.

Nenjia extract can fill a soft capsules, is currently the best plants kidney yang, and because of the cool side, up to a balanced, very welcomed by the trial.

mature seeds can be developed as a main ingredient in many nutritious foods or ingredients, especially the development of substitutes for coffee, milk powder partner of choice for businesses of milk ingredients.


Cynomorium succulent genus

Parasitic herb, parasitic on the white thorn roots. Mainly produced in the Hexi Corridor in Gansu, Inner Mongolia Alashan, Altay, Qinghai Haixi also produced. Cynomorium is a parasitic plant, parasitic on the roots of white spines. White was born in the western Gobi desert thorn. Unlike cynomoricum reproduction process plants, animals and humans are very similar. Five each year, in June, above the ground cynomorium began, seven, began to mature in August. Male and female parts of the same strain of mutual pollination, seed. Cynomorium tiny seed, its shaped like a human body under the microscope fertilized eggs, grain weight is only about 2 grams. Because cynomorium head covered with scales, and thus seeds wrapped very tight, can not fall off. Then, from the roots will give birth to a white cynomorium insect expert named as cynomorium insects. Cynomorium worm began to edge upward from the bottom inside cynomorium, eat a little bit empty cynomorium until the top. Then cynomorium internal cavity is formed, cynomorium seeds fall into the hole along the bottom cynomorium. With the back of cynomorium internal moisture, about 2 mm thickness of the channel through cynomorium and white thorn link into the white thorn roots. In the white thorn roots along the flow of water into the site for its storage. Then winter came, the white thorn stopped growing. Cynomorium white thorn seeds absorb nutrients, the rapid growth and expansion. Parasitic part bulge a fist big bag. After a winter breeding, began to germinate in March next year, in one fell swoop emerged, dozens of days can grow, pollination, seed, they began a new round of growth cycle. Cynomorium succulent perennial parasitic herb. Short underground stem diameter, with the majority of nubs absorbing roots. Stem cylindrical, dark purple, from 20 to 100 cm high, diameter of about 3 to 6 cm, most buried in the sand, base stout, with scaly leaves. Scaly leaves oval, triangular or triangular-ovate, 0.5 to 1 cm wide and less than 1 cm, apex acute. Spikes terminal, rod oblong, 5 to 15 cm in diameter and 2.5 to 6 cm.

Maca coffee

Maca coffee using the unique natural herbal Maca Maca amide, okra, beans, Brazil Senior High creamer and other refined coffee drinks.

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