fresh pu’er tea 250g Yunnan Chen fragrant old brick tea old tea trees Pu’er Tea Jingmai treasures Chen old tea

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: The longer the better
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Style: Blooming Tea
Packaging: Brick
Certification: QS
Weight (kg): 0.25

Product Description

Yunnan Chen fragrant old brick tea old tea trees Pu'er Tea Jingmai treasuresChen old tea

the 2000 fragrance Pu'er Tea brick for Yunnan alcohol Puyuntea collection, today, for 12 years, has very good taste. The old tea charm,perhaps each according to his lights, but the point is, mellow flavor, balance and coordination. After fermentation is Pu'er Tea tea charm, it can be in a certaintemperature and humidity environment, can the more Yue chen. So some people say tea drink to the last, only the Pu Erh tea!

This tea aging well, materials used for the Yunnan Menghai large leafed green sun Maocha; balanced taste, mellow sweet rhyme; liquor color clear, is a rare oldtea. The shopkeeper elaborate recommendation, like Pu'er Tea tea you can not miss oh

The tea permeability, a sticky feeling oily; entrance full thick, soft and smooth,soup feeling fine, the basic do not feel bitter, back to Gan, Sheng Jin, oily feeling.Green Puerh tea late natural aging after certain years, tea will become thicktexture, and oil have Ze; because after fermentation, the tea endoplasmic morerich balanced, so the export performance of the sense of thick mellow rich,balanced; bitter bottom has faded.