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Flavor: Spices & Herbs
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Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans
Coffee beans: coffee

Product Description

Coffee beans

Hainan coffee beans

Hainan coffee is the most famous domestic brand of coffee. Hainan's geographical conditions the most suitable for the production of high-grade coffee beans, international famous brand of coffee production factory, also in hainan purchasing coffee beans.
Coffee is thriving in hainan xinglong, was in 1953, when xinglong overseas Chinese farm just founded soon, in order to achieve the "short keep long" approach, namely with coffee, citronella, rice, and other short-term crop income to make up for the rubber long-term crop income, flourishes from ChengMai fukuyama began to introduce coffee planting.

Xinglong craft technology is to use the method of southeast Asia, booming this local coffee the most suitable craft of this method, the craft process, not only to master temperature, but also a timely add sugar, salt and butter, this coffee more fragrant.

Edible method:
1, the finely ground coffee beans;
2, coffee utensils with hot, put the right amount of coffee powder into the boiling water;
3, a cell of approximately 2-3 minutes, or boiling for 1-2 minutes;
Filtered coffee grounds, coffee poured into a coffee cup with a strainer or gauze;
5, the amount of sugar and stir well Serve, such as the appropriate product milk taste better.