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Weight: 0.68
Shelf Life: 24 months
Brand Name: Nanguo
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Decaffeinated
Item Type: Instant Coffee
Flavor: Coconut milk
coffee: instant coffee

Product Description

Coconut milk coffee
China hainan coffee

Nanguo coconut milk coffee, absolutely let you to be infatuated with, that comes from the big blue aroma and coconut milk into the aroma of 4 excessive hainan xinglong coffee inside. Coffee rich dark with coconut milk the soft bone clever union, modulation out unique flavor, taste delicious warm, bubble on one cup, coconut fragrance pubi, smooth and mouth, thick and not bitter, sweet and not astringent taste let you aftertaste endless. This product is instant coffee, namely impact ready-to-drink, simple, fast, busy life have coconut milk coffee company, life will be more wonderful!
Efficacy: refreshing beneficial thinking, lack of solution wine, nutrition delicious
Recommended language coffee rich dark with coconut milk the soft bone clever union, modulation out unique flavor, taste delicious warm
Method of use: each pack a cup, add in 150-200 ml of hot water, adjustable uniform serve. Or root personal taste allocate concentration
The matters needing attention in a cool and dry place
Brand that
Hainan Nanguo food industrial co., LTD is a production and management of hainan special foods for the leading direction of the enterprise. The company devotes to the development of hainan unique local characteristics of tropical crops resources, the production, the sale high quality "the southern part of the" brand series products, go scale, standardization, the collectivization of modern enterprise development road. With its unique flavor, pure natural quality and good taste, elegant packaging, quality service, to win consumers and the praise of clients, unique in the domestic market. The Nanguo hainan province food co., LTD. Is "integrity unit", and its products won several national food exposition, "hainan province famous brand product" title of honor.