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item Type: Oolong Tea
Grade: AAAAA
Shelf Life: 726
Age: New
Brand Name: cswl
Style: Loose Tea
Packaging: Bag
Certification: QS

Product Description

Weight: 250g/bag, Vacuum package . keep the tea fresh and easy to drink. Season: 2015, fresh new season. Quality: Class AAAA Origin: Taiwan, Package in China Mainland. Storage time: 24 month The Ginseng Oolong Tea - This is an invigorating blend of oolong tea and ginseng. Oolong teas are known for their orchid-like aroma and lingering sweet aftertaste. They're also effective in alleviating or preventing indigestion. Research also suggests that they may help to lower cholesterol levels. Ginseng has long been renowned as a medicinal herb. It's frequently used for enhancing physical and mental endurance, strengthening resistance to stress and fatigue, boosting the immune system and revitalizing cell activity. A lot of research has also focused on the properties of ginseng which seem to aid in preventing heat disease, because it helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Ginseng may also stop the growth of some cancerous tumors. Oolong tea is mixed with ginseng roots to produce a delicious tea that nourishes your body and replenishes your energy. This tea has a rich crisp oolong taste with a stronger pleasing ginseng aftertaste. Brewing method: 1) First, pour in boiling water until overflow slightly. This is for rinsing the water and not for drinking. 2) Pour out the water. 3) Then use boiling water to brew the tea, about 3-5g per time. 4) Usually can brew about 3-5 times.