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Wild black fruit goji berries: goji
dried fruit: medlar
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Product Description

Wild black fruit goji berries

Lycium sweet nature, rich in protein, LBP, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Also rich black fruit pigments - natural proanthocyanidins (red berries Goji free), its OPC content exceeding blueberries (Lycium OPC3690mg/100g; blueberries contain OPC330 ~ 3380mg/100g), is by far, the highest concentrations found in the natural wild OPC plants. Procyanidins OPC is the most effective natural water-soluble free radical scavenger, its efficacy is 20 times Vc, VE 50 times.

Wild black wolfberry distributed in alpine sarin, growing conditions difficult, choose ten to one, that can only elect a ten Chinese wolfberry wolfberry, 10 pounds of dried fruit can dry 1 kg (dry, fresh fruit ratio of 1:10), yield rare, rare, rare, is by far the highest concentrations found in proanthocyanidins wild, soaked in water after a natural color sky blue, black brewing wolfberry fruit, enjoy the essence of heaven and earth. Drinking for several days, ruddy, Jing Wang air feet.

Wild black medlar sweet nature, rich in protein, fat, carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, minerals, trace elements, alkaloids, vitamins C, B1, B2, and other nutrients. Compared with red medlar, its vitamins, minerals and other nutrients more abundant, especially with free radical scavenging, antioxidant natural anthocyanin pigment, medicine, health care value is much higher than ordinary red wolfberry, is hailed as "soft gold",

Major role
Enhance immunity, anti-aging: wild black wolfberry contains anthocyanin pigment is the most effective natural free radical scavengers, anti-aging human cells and tissues, to keep the young state, longevity.

Bushenyijing cancer prevention: Black Wolfberry anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) free radical scavenging effect, may allow cancer cells can not be successfully diffused, thereby protecting healthy cells from being more aggressive cancer cells. Like breast cancer pathogenesis is the case, so taking the anthocyanins for development of breast cancer will have a good inhibition.

Thirst, improve circulation: anthocyanins can improve blood circulation and restore lost microvascular function, strengthen fragile blood vessels, which are vessels more flexible. Proanthocyanidins is called "atherosclerosis antidote." For those who venous insufficiency, proanthocyanidins can effectively reduce pain, swelling, night cramps and other symptoms so that European doctors often recommend patients eat varicose veins rich in anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) food blueberries.

Blood and soothe the nerves, improve sleep: anthocyanins in black wolfberry prevent early formation of wrinkles, is nature's most effective antioxidants. It can not only prevent the early formation of wrinkles, better nutrition and eliminate harmful free radicals. Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) is a natural sun shelter, can prevent the skin from ultraviolet rays, if anthocyanins to protect, then about 85% of the skin cells can survive.

Lungs cough, slow down aging: With the accelerated pace of life and work pressures increase, people's normal biological clock will change from time to time, such as continuous overtime, etc., making people's habits have to accept change, so often have the problem of lack of sleep. Anthocyanins (Anthocyanosides) with depth cells protect cell membranes from the radical oxidation, with a strong antioxidant and anti-allergy function, can cross the blood-brain barrier that protects the brain from oxidation, can stabilize brain function, protect the brain free from harmful chemicals and toxins damage. Anthocyanins in edible black wolfberry (Anthocyanosides), people feel much sober mind, sleep is thoroughly improved. Black wolfberry contains anthocyanin pigment is the most effective natural free radical scavengers, anti-aging human cells and tissues, to keep the young state, longevity.

Eyesight effects: Long-term use of wild black wolfberry tea to drink, with a clear protective role of vision on the young pseudo myopia, middle-aged vertigo, retinal hemorrhage, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, eye fatigue, dry eyes have good health effect.
Lycium can prevent diabetes, and has significant anti-fatigue, hepatoprotective, anti-tumor, and clear the blood vessels, blood pressure, protect the cardiovascular system function.
Usage: soaked in water, tea, sparkling wine and so on.