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Coffee beans into male and female , is the so-called Peaberry coffee fruit in a fruit only bringing out a special coffee beans , usually we call him round beans, also known as the bean of the public . Botanically speaking, coffee regardless of male or female, so that the male and female is just coined merchant selling point . From the taste is concerned, round beans do have better taste , perhaps a round beans beans beans accounted for the two nutrients caused . Brief introduction One of the world's most important species of coffee tree. Robusta species ( scientific name Coffee Robusta Linden). Leaf rust resistant varieties found in Africa and Congo , stronger than the Arabica species of disease resistance . General coffee market , many people like the Robusta and Arabica coffee beans on a par , which is not correct. In fact Robusta species was originally Congo species ( scientific name : Coffee Canephora) mutant varieties , and should be comparable to the Congo Arabica species. Today, however , Robusta species have been used for the average person , not knowing is actually kind of variation Congo species . Growth and Environment Arabica beans grown at high altitudes in tropical places colder , it is not suitable for growing Arabica species of high temperature and low altitudes , is the world of the Robusta species . Robusta planted at an altitude of 200-600 meters in the lowlands , like the warm climate , the required temperature is 24 ~ 29 degrees, for rainfall is not high , however , depends on the species of insect or wind pollination , therefore, coffee from pollination to the results to be 9-11 months time, relative Arabica longer . Feature Robusta coffee tree is a species of shrubs and tall trees between between the blade is longer, the color bright green trees up to 10 meters, but the roots are very shallow, coffee, fruit Arabica fruit slightly rounded , but also smaller , beans oblate body , straight grooves in the middle . Robusta is willing to have a unique flavor ( called " Rob flavor" , some take charge of a musty odor ) and bitter , if the proportion of 2-3 % mix to take another coffee, have a cup of coffee that the whole Rob smell the ( thus , Robusta coffee beans are not drinking as a single product ) . Its distinctive flavor is strong as some , but I'm afraid if you want to taste it first direct psychological preparation. Generally, Robusta coffee is used for instant coffee ( coffee liquid extract which is about twice the Arabica species ) , canned coffee , liquid coffee, coffee on industrial production . Caffeine content is much higher than Arabica , is about 3.2% . Development Status Robusta production accounts for 25% -35 % yield of coffee beans , the main producer in Indonesia ( which produced a variety of coffee beans in a washing method for processing coffee beans, Robusta and Allah is species than hybrids card is on the Chinese market, with the exception of a single product can be used as drinking coffee ) , Vietnam, Africa , ( in Ivory Coast, Nigeria , Angola, as the center of West Asian countries ) , and more recent Vietnam dedicated to coffee production, and its inclusion in national policies ( Vietnam also produce a small part of Arabica coffee beans )

Vietnam, the location is very conducive to coffee cultivation, southern Vietnam is hot and humid tropical climate , suitable for coffee cultivation ROBUSTA northern suitable for planting ARABICA coffee. Vietnamese coffee production has the following characteristics : ( 1 ) Since there is no effective way to deal with fallen leaves , so in the early 1980s , on the choice of the types of coffee as grain cultivars . ( 2 ) cultivation technology as a reference to determine the coffee-growing methods , that is, under hot and humid climatic conditions in southern Vietnam , high density planting, a large number of irrigation, over- fertilization, not planting shade trees to get the maximum yield , give full play to the grain species coffee production capacity, yield many coffee plantations in Vietnam Daklak, Gia Lai, Kontum, Dong Nai region of 3 to 4 t / ha of plantations yield some even as high as 8 to 9 t / ha. ( 3 ) processing technology : mainly take full advantage of the dry season in central Vietnam highlands solar drying and processing of coffee. Vietnamese coffee cultivation area of about 500,000 hectares , 10% -15 % belonging to different state-owned enterprises and farms , 85% -90 % belonging to different farmers and plantation owners . Manor is small, usually 2-5 hectares large estate of about 30-50 hectares , but not much. Vietnamese coffee after rice in the export of agricultural products in Vietnam , ranked second . Each year, about 300,000 more households engaged in coffee planting, labor up to 60 million people in the three month period of harvest labor up 700000-80 million , so the coffee industry has absorbed more of 1.83% of the total national workforce , the total agricultural labor force 2.93 %. Vietnam Coffee Corporation (VINACAFE) is 100% state-owned enterprise under the jurisdiction of 70 companies, farms. Annual yield of 20-25% of Vietnamese coffee exports by the VINACAFE. According to Vietnam Coffee Association Annual Business Survey , 2000-2001 ( from October 2000 to September 2001 ) Vietnam National 149 units exported 874,676 tons of coffee , of which the three largest export enterprises OLAM Company ( wholly foreign-owned enterprise , 21326 tons ), DAKMAN company ( joint venture, 18,076 tons ) and VINAFIMEX company ( local businesses , 13,719 tons ) . Vietnamese coffee quality standards committee leading the drafting of Vietnam Vietnam National Coffee Association, coffee standards, the Vietnam Administration of Quality Monitoring Standards Department of Environmental Science and Technology reported (now the Ministry of Science ) validation

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