Free shipping, scarce, old varieties,organic,Yunnan arabica coffee beans, authentic, iron pickup, coffee Black Diamond 227G

price: US $26.27
from AliExpress
Grade: AAA
Weight: 227g
Shelf Life: 180 Days
Brand Name: ZHONG KA
Packaging: Bag
Item Type: Coffee beans
Flavor: Sugarless
place of production: china mainland

Product Description

  • 100% pure iron pickup,'m sure the whole network of the most authentic, fake a compensable. Direct purchase an altitude of 1500 meters above the iron pickup carefully baked beans The whole process organic planting Organic farming organic certification by the authorities, a certificate is attached. Due to yield very little, and participate in activities at a loss, so I do not bargain Oh! If you have a friend or leadership drink coffee, this is really a good choice! As the largest sales network-wide coffee shop, the best and most quality iron pickup, you are willing to miss it? Picard iron (iron pickup) [transliteration], also known as the old varieties of arabica coffee, which yield very little, cultivation is difficult, so the price compared to ordinary arabica coffee to be much higher. Its yield is extremely small, unique taste, internationally known as the Black Diamond coffee.