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Kenya coffee:

The first plants to grow in Kenya coffee can be traced back to 1893. Coffee later by the British in 1400-2100 meters above sea level plateau area scale planting, there are volcanic ash soil rich in organic matter. In fact, now most of the coffee that is covered by snow mount Kenya (main peak 5199 meters high), the more gentle slopes. Abundant precipitation and the annual average, these areas are very suitable for growing coffee. Kenya has reached 170000 hectares of the total coffee, the average annual output of about 50000 tons.

Kenya's mode of production of small family plantation, also for the world. Coffee completely by hand picking, picking; With clean water after processing, use the method of pure natural drying, carefully to ensure that the cup of coffee with a pure and special flavor.

Quality of Kenyan coffee has been popular, but the sun processing of Kenyan coffee is rare. The beans used in shallow roasting, fermented fruit sweetness, accompanied by clear bouquet, malt, apricots, sweet flavor and wine taste chocolate, as in the tip of the tongue tics and the feeling of orgasm, fascinating aftertaste, like a virgin after the baptism of pleasure for the first time.

All of the personage inside course of study thinks Kenya coffee is one of the favorite coffee, because Kenya coffee contains we want from a nice cup of coffee in each kind of feeling: has a wonderful, satisfying fragrance, balanced acidity, uniform particle and excellent fruit.