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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 454g
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Shelf Life: 540days
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Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans

Product Description

454g Genuine Coffee High-quality Italian Espresso Coffee beans Fresh Baking,Organic Cooked Coffee Bean,100% Pure Bean,Slimming,


Espresso espresso that is the soul of Espresso. Italian people after centuries of discussion, with a professional espresso machine through the use of atmospheric pressure 15 Pa, let steam instant coffee powder through the cell wall of the extension will be the essence of coffee extracted, the extract of coffee with a rich flavor and the appearance of coffee coffee showing a thin layer of grease (grease must be golden yellow color). This layer of oil is enticing aroma of Italian coffee origins, it is also the foundation manufacture all kinds of fancy coffee. Cappuccino, latte, Ma Qiya flowers, mocha coffee, etc. are classic Italian cappuccino, they are to Espresso (espresso coffee diluted) for the bottom, participation is not the same amount of milk, milk foam and constituted butter, and follow the barista pour milk foam is not the same as the shaking method, coffee appearance but also to outline the various rhythmic image, for example: hearts, leaves, goldfish, Garfield, etc., that is, we often say that the pull flower tips. So check Espresso is the key to good or bad quality cup of coffee. Italian coffee cup satisfactory Espresso, appearance is always thick, brown white crema crema, crema crema is extracted under high pressure of the coffee protein, oil, etc. fragrance ingredients that are the essence of diluted coffee. Generally speaking, the costumes Espresso cups, about 50cc, while the Espresso plus the amount of crema, just go to the cup about 3/5 (approximately 30cc). Every Italian hearts are in possession of a complete Espresso cup image: about 50ml of coffee, packed in delicate porcelain cup, cup noodles filled with a layer of red-brown foam ...... According to this standard exhaustive make Espresso just tune in the coffee and textured surface that can continue long hour coffee oils, just tune to get smooth, textured solid, balanced and insisted the successful taste sour and bitter. Every day, all international roughly spent fifty million cups of Espresso. Its fragrant flavor and intense taste, every morning is feeling the impact of the first, the lifeblood of the day.