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Grade: AAAAA
Weight: 227G
Shelf Life: 12 Months
Brand Name: Dasey card manor
Packaging: Bag
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Item Type: Coffee beans
Flavor: sugar-free

Product Description

Super blue mountain coffee is a kind of micro acid, smooth, with sweet and delicate flavor of coffee, pure blue mountain coffee taste, medium high, light fragrance, but tastes very sweet and delicate, aristocratic taste, is a gourmet coffee.A fire of coals fresh roasted premium blue mountain coffee beans.
Item description: imported super blue mountain coffee beans
Weight: 227 g
Shelf life: 12 months
Packing: the product adopts reflective heat insulation aluminum film polymer compound bag
Palate: sweet, sour, bitter balance of coffee beans,
Weak acidity soft smooth, taste some similar to the blue mountains.
Aroma: sweet, sweet delicate scent.
With amorous feelings of the Caribbean is a kind of coffee, have a sweet, sweet delicate smell, the beans are big,
Look look pretty good, similar to the blue mountains and sweet smell, medium texture, acidity is not strong, features a very uniform beans, on the market have called the blue mountains of Cuba.
Slightly acidic, smooth, with sweet and delicate flavor of coffee;Pure blue mountain coffee taste, aroma is light, but tastes very sweet delicate;Was named the aristocratic taste, is a gourmet coffee.