Free shipping 5g made in 2003 RipeShu YunNan Chinese Brick blackpuer pu erh tea 2 years MINI

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item Type: Pu'Er Tea
Packaging: Brick
Weight (kg): 0.005
Age: 11 - 20 Years
Shelf Life: 100 years
Style: Compressed Tea
Grade: AAAAA

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Your Health & Pu'er

Your Health & Pu'er

Taste the Nourishment

Pu’er tea is an aged big-leaf tea which promotes weight loss, detoxifies the body, and slows the process of ageing to leave you shining with energy, vitality and youth.

Pu’er tea has been proven to protect against a wide range of diseases and ailments:

  • Pu’er tea helps prevent heart disease by reducing blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing high- density cholesterol.

  • Pu’er tea detoxifies and improves , especially after alcohol consumption.

  • Pu’er tea inhibits the formation and growth of cancerous cells.

  • Pu’er tea aids diqestion , settles the stomach, and improves intestinal function, so prevents digestive complaints and bowel disorders.

Healthiest of Teas

It’s the ancient Arbor big-leaf and the unique aging and fermentation process that makes Pu’er the healthiest of teas - giving Pu’er its long list of health benefits.

‘It’s the life in Pu’er that makes it so special’