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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
place of production: brazil
Coffee beans taste: sweet sex
coffee type: santos coffee
bakeshops degree of: medium roast

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manasses brazil iraq manor sweet there then follows sun coffee beans 10kg / 86 yuan 5kg / 90 1kg / 95 yuan yuan

beans : accumbens 100% brazil manor manasses there then follows ( ipanema dulce natural )

beans processing mode : solarizing

taste : description Low acid , citrus high effecthigh , alcohol

default roasting degree : bakeshops shallowness in city

extraction : way advice hand impulse , siphonal and espresso

suitable : crowd volkswagen , acid , sweet , bitter taste the perfect combination of coffee lovers

( ipanema ) is to rio de janeiro softheartedness beach most world most important coffee place of production , total output of the world 1/3 , the vast land there are around 10 state mass production of coffee beans . brazilian coffee smooth , belt degrees acid dot , have a good sugarier , with a smooth taste , think is to be do coffee mix indispensability materials .

brazilian coffee the taste of with lower exiguus , , cooperate with coffee 's rosesandthorns flavor , entrance extremely smooth , but also with grass aromatic , fragrance in slightly bitterest , gainsbourg slip itallup , aftertaste can provided coziness . for brazil coffee no special preeminence advantages of , but also no significant livingly , the taste gentle and lube , acidity low , alcohol moderate , with light sweet , these all the soft gamey together , to exculpation out their one-to-one , is on the best test microscopesem , this is also many of the vagus hobby this santos coffee the reason , because it is so chennault general , santos suitable for general degree of baking , suitable for most popular method brewing , making italian espresso coffee and fancy coffee best raw materials .

small received from accumbens three Pa different , accept 's fruit directly in aerator light under , with pulp leather day , retention beans more and . sweetness

production date of foundinnocent of reference , xiaodian all beans both in warranty period , rest assured