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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Coffee beans taste: alcohol
place of production: indonesia
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee beans

Product Description

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sumatra zone lin dong g1 coffee beans 10kg / 72 yuan 5kg / 75 1kg / 78 yuan yuan

winemakers in and feature :
" pawani " 's golden mandheling coffee beans is certified , best quality . indonesia region northern sumatra aceh toba lake , elevation 1500m ~ 2000m between , beans granule big , color deep green , long time after color postformation staphyloccus .

the original name : biwa gold top mandheling

: product coffee single origin

: metal card sumatra traditional kind

: half pickling semi-washed process

: sumatra sumacs

producing area / manorial / : cooperative lintong lin dong area

: biwa gold top mandheling

: g1 blemish

: 18 screen

: fit for deep baking

flavor :
mining medium roasting after the show bright slip appearance , just under a drink strands of honey fragrant , ofmonths with gamy texture and dark chocolate flavor , rich connotation set of elegant 's fresh and a strong in a cup of the flavor .

taste and unique

Gold deep roast onenesses 's performance , vua 's exquisite deep roast technology , that coffee beans show the , slide laughters of mouth , repugnant 's sweetness characteristic odor , fir odor and caramel sweet full bodied , taste the solid , yet considerable .

gold top mandheling gold ( gold aka basons on ) from indonesia sumatra lin dong area , strong aromatic , taste and low thick , overall performance shen than general has more caramel arointed sweet !

100% sundews coffee beans

with four times handmade screening , taste clean and full bodied internationally gold coffee shosha eyeshine indonesia 's sumatra island cultivated outcomes . traditional man favorite low acid , texture clean , sweet to a high effecthigh and remarkable bouquet of coffee , gold for market quantity body customize harshcircumstances .
trademark contention battle

Recent years , has been for idiomatic shosha golden mandheling english name large coffee indonesia company pwani in indonesia formal trademark registration , henceforth can't shosha again use their indonesia to create names , thereupon english rename for gold top mandheling .

production date of foundinnocent of reference , xiaodian all beans both in warranty period , rest assured