Free shipping 500g Burton coffee beans iron card small round meters coffee beans green slimming coffee lose weight

price: US $25.03
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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Coffee beans taste: alcohol
place of production: other countries
bakeshops degree of: medium roast
coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee beans

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yunnan iron better than card small round meters coffee beans 10kg / 52 yuan 5kg / 55 1kg / 58 yuan yuan

: small grain round meters coffee beans
: yunnan

: yunnan small grain round beans round meters , colloquially as , in a fruit only a grain of small round beans ( malformation , normal divided into clovenfooted ) , contains two half grain coffee beans nutrient , the taste than general flat bean frothier . normal card o coffee beans only 5% around the proportion of the circle of beans , removable by screening the qutoation have , therefore more precious , its price than normal beans high suitable for shallow baking , its beans round shaped , arointed obvious , exquisite and long lasting taste , for coffee the treasures of the coffee .

production date of foundinnocent of reference , xiaodian all beans both in warranty period , rest assured