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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
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Coffee beans taste: alcohol
place of production: china mainland
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
whether for organic food: is

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is province , chiliad a back !
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pat next baby pro please oh . consider the most part buyers no coffee grinder , book shop intimate service free mill , need coffee beans please leave a message rem. , rem. didn't leave a message will coffee powder hair , because of the default coffee powder hair . want coffee beans pro are didn't leave a message rem. , return merchandise self-care .

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enteroclysm coffee powder is need boiled , then filtering 's , only can enema oh . book store have coffee filter utensils sell . need pro please contact customer service oh

part of the city region , tongliao except , gansu province , autonomous region tibet , of the qinghai , ningxia autonomous region , xuar necessary . book shop defaults to : na , ems economies .

us coffee don't spraying & # 39 . don't fertilizer & # 39 . add any none & # 39 . comply with organic standards ! regular inspection report enclose the coffee beans

pound ( 454g )

adopt professional aluminum high molecular compound bag one-way breathable with standard valve device ( reflective thermal insulation , keep fresh ) , have don't on the market in general deposit one-way valve none breathable packaging .

coffee enteroclysm mdash & . mdash & . pioneered human health new era

coffee enteroclysm detox is the fashion of detox way , coffee enteroclysm can improve liver detoxification function , and the liver 's human health barrier ! recovery enhance liver detoxification function 'll direct to improve the human body disease self healing ability and immunity . according to the natural therapy and coffee association enteroclysm association of nearly 60 years treatment experience , coffee enteroclysm special for all kind of disease , immune disease metabolism auxiliary treatment , coffee enteroclysm concrete effect : as follows

1 , promote gastrointestinal peristalsis , row out the intestines betelgeuse benhadad the toxin

2 , promote increase biliation , reinforced improve liver detoxification function

3 , purify the blood circulation system , cleaning blood toxin garbage

the splanchnic 4 , promote toxin decomposition , promote metabolism , improve immunity

5 , coffee can be effective stop and suppression of a variety of chemocarcinogenesis substance encroaches on people , speed up metabolism , and conversion cancerogenous substance in metabolism toxin , reducing cell , preventing cancer , cancer !
Pour : us have 63 kind disease and the yawayh are suitable for coffee from enteroclysm adjunctive treatment , have achieved ideal .

about coffee enteroclysm the effect of , libraries medical book and american medical book magazine are available .

in the united states , coffee enteroclysm the effect of the creation of a has a medical legend , coffee enteroclysm by the united states medical circles , as & ldquo . medical world new world & rdquo . , & ldquo . medical history of the great natural therapy & rdquo . , & ldquo . coffee enteroclysm achieve aren't sick miracle & rdquo . , in the body of a variety of disease treatment of a , coffee enteroclysm mdash & . mdash & . pioneered human health new era !

new valley of philip real , 1935 born in fukuoka , takss paradise university medical school after the united states to learn , gastroenteric panendoscopy become learn a pioneer , albert incumbent american & middot . einstein university of medical surgical professor , is , beauty
The kingdom of the most authoritative panendoscopy surgeon . medical circles new walley first used type enteroscopic intestine insert method , don't direct will and belly panendoscopy stomach and in-depth patients neurosurgeon tumor , for medical circles made great contribution . new walley bookmaking samutharak philip american , all brochure million main bookmaking have : the sick flexible , wkrp gut health law

new walley real to of philip their own coffee 30 years enteroclysm experience , and advocate the coffee enteroclysm , asian economies caused by warm reverberates . in theprofessionalworld etc are put politicians coffee enteroclysm detox therapy neceesary as little detox method imply surpassingness !

in the new walley real doctor hongyin patronage , he in clinical experience dockyards found , human body to keep healthy don't sick , must be kept bowel cleansing , keep the liver detoxification function ! only by coffee enteroclysm detox liver detoxification function ascension , to help prevent sick , ability treat chronic diseases . he the don't sick life book , introduction to canonize to energetically , the 30 years coffee enteroclysm , method make the national 90% all coffee enteroclysm the beneficiaries , even asian countries many celebrities , state , political celebrity , performing arts stars , all started coffee enteroclysm detoxification regimen .

no coffee enteroclysm , don't feel is detox !

coffee enteroclysm clear toxin intestinal , direct to improve liver detoxification function , purify the blood toxin garbage , the splanchnic promote out row toxin decomposition , comprehensively improve metabolism ability !

yawayh : catechetic

1 , why don't direct drink coffee , whereas to use enema way ?

reason is , drink coffee way 'll through the stomach and intestine , coffee tannin acid parietal 'll stimulate , will kill the small intestine of beneficial bacterium . a lot of coffee cardiopalmus 'll , is it black vua stomach and intestine etc top enteron absorption , follow the blood direct entering the brain and heart , 'll palpitate produce , also can't raise the liver function .

whereas enema way , can coffee from lower gastrointestinal rectums direct import , coffee tannin acid can kill the rectum harmful bacteria , and stimulate cleansing detoxification . caffeine thephylline and 'll enteral entine absorption directly to the liver , quickly open of cholangiocarcinoma prompted , stimulate the liver bile , make the liver detoxification function improve 600 - 700 unerringness . coffee enteroclysm way with no side effect negative , detox effects better .

the lifethe 2 , coffee enteroclysm can it ?

can't ! because of drinking coffee room decomposition pyrophosphate , but for coffee enteroclysm coffee , direct import the intestinal , direct to participate in the liver metabolism and body , drink coffee in hiping sugar , creamer , chemicals and pesticide residue no suitable for enema ! coffee enteroclysm must use raw coffee that is natural coffee preparation . haplostele without any chemical pesticide , pesticide fertilization , therefore , haplostele coffee enteroclysm in detoxified is
effects more obvious won't harmmful aftereffects .

3 coffee enteroclysm simple to use ? please can use it ? often have no side effects ?

Coffee enteroclysm use , one can easonable operating complete , coffee enteroclysm use is the protozoa coffee , and direct from the intestinal import , for human body none no side effects ! coffee enteroclysm can directly to improve liver detoxification function , regular use can comprehensively improve immunity , can prevent the treatment of various chronic diseases , and , , american many professional use coffee constantly enteroclysm , to remove vivotoxin disease prevention .

coffee enteroclysm can eliminating alvine path toxin , hepatoxin vascularity within garbage toxin , enhance liver detoxification function role , suitable for special people under :

1 , palpitate , shortness of breath stuffiness , lamenitis the protesters in

2 , inappetence the protesters in

3 , waist ache , full-body inability , easy fatigue the protesters in

4 , anxieties , distraught the protesters in

5 , sleep difficult , sleeping sleazily insomnia crowd

6 , detox crowd

7 , immune low power of people

8 , obesity
Expert tips : coffee enteroclysm is the fashion of detox way , various of immune disease , metabolism class disease patients , other , full-body blood circulation after a liver 's frequency about 3 minutes , coffee solution in stay 30 - 40 minutes plus .

1 , operation usurping ? it
use operation very convenient , for doesn't special requirement , in bed can be easily operation .

2 enterobacter internal net whether pain feeling ? discomfort

won't . douche anal the head is by material made , soft , lubricates , at will anal anal put into the won't have any the niggling pain discomfort etc . such as recondensing slightly feeling , driblet spreadable liquid soap to oil .

3 , lavaboes device can reuse many times ? it
lavaboes device can be used repeatedly 's , hope in use after purgings . prohibition of many people cross use .

4 , can't what person body enema ?

year high the infirm , maternity , hypertensive patients , suffers in a serious heart disease , epileptic , entrant and anal fissure bleeding other acute and chronic .
5 , can get the best effect use how ?

1 ) inoact of the infirm , suffers in a , intestinal disease high blood pressure , cardiopathy or other acute and chronic diseases this method

2 ) flat lying in the bed and stop switch water to waterstarved drop-wise

3 ) first will 350ml mineral water half bottle inverted feruling changeback again other half bottle mineral water add the enema bag in a jar 155ml coffee liquid pour the enema bag shake , note water temperature access to the temperature of , can never too cold ( avoided cribworks ) or toosmall hot ( avoid scald ) .
4 ) in the import process , such as have a strong excretion of the willingness , can restrain , felt , may first water switch , re to the toilet , body liquid expulsion of , again import .

5 ) company is the concept of , enteroclysm every time time for 10 ~ 15 minutes best , gradative effectively improve environment . liquid in the body super too long , instead of easy to create physical injury or by consumers send the cause of the derivative the corporeity other abnormally dangerous phenomenology . therefore resolutely eliminate the long in the body stay !

1 , precious and fragile goods , receipt please friedship inspection , case of please in breakage forthwith contact with us and original bag send back , we will received pieces 24h inside of the dephasing retransmission . such as after then report sign for the damaged , we will do not change the goods return processing .

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3 , photographed baby after please within a week payment , more than one week we 'll retention period keep the baby no longer , special conditions , please contact . dispensers

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1 , guangxi ( nanning 1kg 5 yuan within , every additional 1kg increase 2 yuan )

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so that we can according to the actual weight : modify )

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if need to bank remittances buyers , please have to purchase baby inform the customer service , remittances balance , so that we can inspection instant the delivery .

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