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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
place of production: china mainland
Coffee beans taste: nitroxanthic
coffee beans raw and cooked: coffee cooked beans

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coffee taste of 80 percent is depend on baking , therefore baking is brewing easy drinking coffee important program .
bakeshops must be according to the beans different feature and flavors , make roasted coffee beans unique pattern of coffee , flavor and taste , each have different flavor .

therefore 'll without mentioning coffee beans baking the colourity , different baker for , coffee color baking taste of understanding , is different product there are disparities cause . that is , baking same degree beans , but actually color or has the difference of , just like to the chef cooking heat the understanding is different , normal doubts .
we therefore 40 have many years entrustment of the professional experience coffee baking overmagnification roasted to ensure that we every time baking out , consistent quality .

sell in the market beans breached , both have product beans , also have blending beans . difference is : us beans basic is the following after the baked , then put into the discharge valve packaging , such guarantee coffee beans freshness . normal conditions characterizes whole bean packaging , unless you requirements of our generation grinding . archimedean coffee fresh baking ! quality assurance

packaging : krishnamurti 454 / bag ( pounds ) new arrival compound packaging bag , belt with one-way exhaust valve , effective coffee guarantee quality may free powdered ( need coffee powder the friend , please buy despatching statement whether you need mill the welfares , all press coffee beans hair )

roasted coffee is also can be called coffee & ldquo . eculators & rdquo . . roasted coffee by people respectfully called the world bitterest coffee . put roasted coffee recast dark roast . make in roasted coffee incense in , gainsbourg , polyalcohols , full bodied etc some accomplishments aspect after , will roasted coffee the bitter taste tune to limit , makes roasted coffee drink but no bitter astringency , nice but independent of other coffee between , the ultimate in coffee newsweekly set to a banner .
roasted coffee ( from : aka bitter charcoal )
flavor : fragrance special , gainsbourg , polyalcohols , rich ,

transport :

shanghai zhejiang jiangsu : kilo 5 yuan / additional 2 element

beijing tianjin dazhongwang guangzhou city every kilograms of 10 yuan / relet of heavy 10 yuan

qinghai tibet xinjiang remote per kg 15 city yuan / relet of heavy 12 yuan

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unreachable city we will post office mailing