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Product Description

Your Health & Pu'er

Taste the Nourishment

Pu’er tea is an aged big-leaf tea which promotes weight loss, detoxifies the body, and slows the process of ageing to leave you shining with energy, vitality and youth.

Pu’er tea has been proven to protect against a wide range of diseases and ailments:

  • Pu’er tea helps prevent heart disease by reducing blood pressure, improving circulation and reducing high- density cholesterol.
  • Pu’er tea detoxifies and improves , especially after alcohol consumption.
  • Pu’er tea inhibits the formation and growth of cancerous cells.
  • Pu’er tea aids diqestion , settles the stomach, and improves intestinal function, so prevents digestive complaints and bowel disorders.

Healthiest of Teas

It’s the ancient Arbor big-leaf and the unique aging and fermentation process that makes Pu’er the healthiest of teas - giving Pu’er its long list of health benefits.

‘It’s the life in Pu’er that makes it so special’

Healthcare Advice

The health benefits of Pu’er Tea documented here are based on the results of numerous studies in many different countries around the world.

And Taetea is currently conducting its own research into the many health benefits of Pu’ er tea.

However, while Pu’er is a powerful assistant in reaching and maintaining great health, please consult a healthcare professional if you have any serious medical concerns.

Pu’er Health Research Sources

Research on Pu-erh Tea by Dr Emily Caroby of Paris St Antonio Medical Institute, French State Health Medicine Research Institute and Assails Nutrition Physiology Research Institute

'China Puerh Tea', People's Government of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and Tea Society of Xishuangbanna Prefecture

Studies on Pu-erh Tea by Yunnan Natural Medicine Research Institute

Weight Loss Tea Pu’er literally eats unwanted fat

Pu’er tea aids weight loss in several different ways.

Pu’er is calorie free and improves both circulation and metabolism. By replacing your morning coffee or lunchtime soft drink with Pu’er tea, you cut your calorie intake, and also burn more energy.

Stimulates The Metabolism

The caffeine in Pu’er helps stimulate the metabolism, aids memory, and improves alertness and judgement.

However, Pu’er never causes the ‘caffeine/sugar crash’ or jittery symptoms felt after coffee and soft drinks, which often leads to cravings for a high calorie ‘fix’.

Increased Energy

This is because Pu’er contains theanine which acts as a balancer. Theanine is the main amino acid in tea and gives it both its flavour and its calming effect by triggering alpha-waves in the brain.

This ensures that the increased energy and alertness you experience is sustained.

Eliminates Fat From The Body

Pu’er has the unique ability to increase the rate your body can metabolise fats.

Pu’er contains polyphenols which aid the digestion of fat so that it is broken down and eliminated from the body rather than stored.

Sustainable Weight Loss

Pu’er also contains elements which bond with cholesterol molecules and prevent their absorption into the body.

Experts at Fukuoka University in Japan have confirmed in scientific studies that Pu’er tea inhibits the absorption of fat and blocks the enzyme that converts nutrients into fat in the liver. Subjects drinking Pu’er not only lost more weight, but also maintained that weight loss after the trials were complete.

Youth Tea Pu’er is the most potent youth tonic among teas

Drinking Pu’er daily will keep you healthy and beautiful, inside and out.

The major cause of visible ageing is the process of oxidation and formation of free radicals in cells.

Healthy, Youthful Appearance

The antioxidants we consume in our diet help inhibit this process to give a healthy youthful appearance.

But many of us consume a lot of processed and packaged foods, and don’t get all the antioxidants we could benefit from.

Vitamins A, C, and E are some of the most well known antioxidants, but the catechin found in tea is an antioxidant 18 times more powerful than vitamin E.

Protects Fibroblast Cells

Catechin has the ability to disrupt the activity of free radicals which cause not just ageing but also cancers.

Pu’er tea also actively protects human fibroblast cells (connective tissue) from damage.

Optimum Combination

The unique Yunnan Arbor big-leaf maocha used to make Pu’er contains more catechin than any other category of tea. And the way in which Pu’er is processed doubles its Vitamin C levels.

This optimum combination of nutrients and antioxidants combats ageing, strengthens the immune system, and promotes longevity, making Pu’er the most potent youth tonic among teas.

Liver Cleansing Tea Pu’er keeps your liver strong for improved health & well-being

Possibly the most outstanding quality of Pu’er tea is its powerfully positive effects for your liver.

The liver is the largest and one of the most important organs in the human body. Yet many underestimate the vital role it plays in maintaining health:

Optimal Nutrition

The liver is responsible for getting optimal nutrition to all 50 trillion cells in the body, and it performs over 500 known functions to regulate cell metabolism.

Its principal task is to filter the blood, to store vitamins, minerals and excess sugars, absorb nutrients, control infections and to produce enzymes necessary for digestion.

The liver is responsible for processing almost everything we eat, drink, breathe or ingest.

When functioning properly, it not only cleanses the after effects of alcohol, but also eliminates undesirable fats and preservatives from the food we eat, pollutants from the air we breathe, and residual chemicals from drugs and medicines we take.

Health & Wellbeing

One of the most dangerous side-effects of our fast-paced modern world is the additional toxins and poisons we are exposed to daily. And most of the burden to our health falls on the liver.

Yet even the most basic functions of the liver, such as cleansing us from toxic poisons like ammonia, which are a natural bi-product of the human digestive system, are essential to our health and wellbeing.

The repercussions are severe if this highly tuned filter system breaks down. An unhealthy liver has a negative impact on almost every system in the human body.

Excellent Liver Cleanser

Ultimately it can lead to stroke, bruising, jaundice, nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain, internal bleeding, brain damage, coma, and death.

Drinking Pu’er enables the proper functioning of the liver. Whether supplementing a healthy lifestyle, or helping combat the after-effects of indulgence, the benefits are immense.

All systems and organs work their best when the body is purged efficiently of toxins and poisons.

Quite simply, a healthy liver means overall good health and Pu’er tea is an excellent liver cleanser.

Cancer Preventing Tea Pu’er attacks free radicals in your body

It is long known that, statistically, those living in regions with high tea consumption are less likely to contract cancer.

Yunnan province, the home of Pu’er tea, has a notably low incidence of cancer, and the city of Pu’er has a particularly low rate of cancer, even within Yunnan.

Pu'er Tea's Protective Elements

Pu’er contains both organic and metallic elements that help prevent the formation and spread of cancers.

The organic substances include catchenin, theanine, phenol, theophylline and vitamins, while the other protective elements include zinc, molybdenum, and manganese.

When the anti-oxidants in Pu’er attack free radicals in the body, the cells are protected and the chain reactions which could lead to uncontrolled cancerous growths are prevented.

Diabetes Preventing Tea Pu’er balances your blood sugar levels

Pu’er tea has the immediate effect of lowering and balancing blood sugar levels so is highly effective as a diqestive, following sweet, as well as savoury and fatty foods.

Balanced blood sugar is fundamental to the prevention of diabetes, which is essentially a disease that causes the blood sugar to fluctuate to dangerous levels.

Maintaining Weightloss

Taken regularly, Pu’er restrains the enzymes involved in the onset of diabetes.

Balanced blood sugar is also vital to losing weight and maintaining weight loss. And being overweight is one of the major risk factors in the onset of diabetes.

So by encouraging weight loss , and weight stability, Pu’er cuts the risk of diabetes on all levels.

Healthy Heart Tea Pu’er helps your body achieve the ideal healthy balance

Studies at UCLA and Harvard have indicated that drinking several cups of tea a day dramatically reduces risk of stroke.

This is particularly desirable since there are limited treatments for strokes once they have occurred.

Pu'er Helps Your Body Maintain Balance

There are two kinds of cholesterol; HDL (good) and LDL (bad) - High Density Lipids and Low Density Lipids

While many teas claim various health and weight loss benefits, studies in Taiwan have shown that only Pu’er tea consistently reduces the levels of LDL (harmful) cholesterol, while raising the levels of HDL (beneficial) cholesterol.

All other teas reduce ALL cholesterol levels (both HDL and LDL).

Pu'er reduces LDL levels while increasing HDL levels. So Pu'er is more efficient in helping maintain the ideal balance of fats in the body.

Good Circulation Tea Pu'er Clears Your Arteries

Pu’er is renowned for improving circulation by preventing the build up of plaques and fatty deposits in the arteries.

These plaques and fats cause the arteries to narrow and harden, leading to vascular diseases such as angina, heart attack, stroke, and tissue damage (when insufficient oxygen reaches those parts of the body).

Clears Arteries & Improves Circulation

People at high risk of vascular disease include those who have it in their family history, men, smokers, diabetics, those who are overweight, obese or have high cholesterol, and people who are under stress or get insufficient exercise.

Many of us have a combination of these factors, which is why vascular disease remains the most common cause of death in the world today.

Clears Arteries, Improves Circulation

Pu’er helps combat the dangers of vascular disease directly by keeping the arteries clear and improving circulation, and indirectly by countering the secondary risks of diabetes, excess weight, high cholesterol and stress.

Aid Digestion Tea Pu’er Flushes Out Waste & Toxins

In China Pu’er is renowned for its medicinal qualities and especially for its ability to help your digestion; Pu’er lovers conscientiously drink Pu’er twenty minutes after each meal.

It is well known that poor digestion sometimes causes severe discomfort, occasional embarrassment, and can affect mood, performance at work, and the ability to enjoy daily life.

Prevents Digestive Ailments

Pu’er tea helps prevent a range of digestive ailments, from indigestion, heartburn, constipation, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), to bowel and stomach cancer.

Sufficient fluid levels are essential to a healthy digestive system. Simply by replacing dehydrating drinks (diuretics) such as coffee, black tea, cola or alcohol, and choosing Pu’er tea instead, you are helping your body to digest food and flush out waste and toxins more efficiently.

Keep Your Digestive System Running Smoothly

Pu’er tea also stimulates the secretion of gastric juices which fuel the digestive system and keep it running smoothly.

By rebalancing liver enzymes and helping break down and eliminate excess fats and toxins, drinking Pu’er reduces the added burden on the bowels and stomach caused by rich foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Re-Balance Tea Pu’er gives you back your balance

Pu’er tea has a remarkable rebalancing effect on the entire body.

Pu’er rebalances sugar, enzyme, fat, vitamin and mineral levels from the system level right down to the cellular level. For this reason, Pu’er is an ideal accompaniment to rebalancing or improving your health habits.

Pu'er Can Help

Whether you’re aiming to become more active, following a weight loss programme, or abstaining from caffeine or alcohol, Pu’er can help.

By quenching your thirst efficiently, and helping your body fully meet its nutritional and mineral needs, Pu’er supports your new healthy lifestyle.

Cravings Disappear

Drinkers of Pu’er have found that cravings for coffee, wine, or chocolate, simply disappear when replaced with a pot of Pu’er tea.

And every time you drink it, you have the added mood boost of knowing you’re doing something good for yourself.

Holistic Health Pu’er tackles root causes to balance your body & mind

Taetea Pu’er is a rebalancing, revitalising tea with positive benefits for complete mind/body health; the ideal restorative to combat the physical and mental stresses of everyday modern life.

Balance Body & Mind

While Western medicine focuses largely on symptomatic relief, ancient Chinese wisdom and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have always aimed at holistic health; a balance of both body and mind.

Rather than mask symptoms with painkillers, the root cause of the malady is sought and treated.

Increase Energy, Improve Confidence

At Taetea the interconnection between physical and mental wellbeing is fully recognised and understood.

As well as enjoying the physical benefits of Pu’er, regular Pu’er drinkers report increased energy, vitality and motivation, a calm, happy, balanced mood, higher levels of creativity and confidence, and improved concentration.

Health, Beauty & Inspiration Tea Pu’er increases your sex drive

Pu’er tea strengthens the immune system on all levels from eliminating toxins and poisons from the blood, promoting the healthy digestion and processing of everything you consume, defending the body against bacteria, and creating balance within all organs and systems of the body.

Your increased health and vitality becomes evident from your clear glowing complexion, your calm happy demeanour, your energy and zest for life.

Imporve Memory, Confidence & Creativity

The results of a body working in balance and harmony are exponential; a healthy body begets a healthy mind, explaining the mental benefits ascribed to Pu’er such as improved memory, willpower, confidence and creativity.

Regular drinkers of Pu’er have reported a seemingly endless catalogue of positive change, such as better class and exam grades, lessened symptoms of PMS, desire to exercise more, fewer food cravings and reduced appetite, cured insomnia, and higher sex drive.

Try it, and see what Pu’er can do for you.