Free shipping 1kg Coffee beans raw coffee beans green slimming coffee bean lose weight 1000g

price: US $49.20
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Item Type: Coffee beans
Caffeine Type: Caffeinated
Packaging: Bag
Coffee beans taste: acid
place of production: indonesia
whether sacchariferous: sugar free
whether for organic food: is

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1 , nature : here is the beans supply area , buy beans cooked please stentors cooked .

for beans do not need too much micropropagation fect introduction .

buy beans 's do need to know beans qualitative and baking methods etc basic case infrequently service consulting please or own aliwangwang baidu .

2 , : problems book product doesn't fee , need .

guarantee ! very low profit margin , we have not others did do & ldquo . lossmaking & rdquo . sell .

freight general is 30 - 50 yuan , rectally following is the general 10 - 15 yuan .

3 , : about delivery freight to send the still made autonomic selection and leave a message to buy or ting with a place for rem. rem. .

default is ( we need their own goods pull down to them sweeping goods point can accept comparatively , night 6 half o'clock before all can be shipped , so : 18 point 30 until photographed and payment can same day delivery )

( is advisable and storekeepers aliwangwang communication after single , because of the freight the delivery long stay , sensitive buyers please the detours )

( : is usually today send , varano to )

4 , buy : advice first purchase inadvisable buy too much , once advice buy 1 kg , feel good wnext time to buy multi needlessly lest prodigality .

5 , buy : method can be directly photographed , if the problem or have consulting interrogative such as we reply no time to you can direct photographed , price of the amount of we per the metropolitan after checking undergo more deficciency a operation , not satisfied with may revoke purchase , thank you support .

6 , other : part of beans not listed , has the need direct aliwangwang message , we will reply price .